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    Color Palette: Pink Is Hot, Cool and Fabulous!

    Whether you like your pink hot or cool this October in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month “Think Pink”. In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month I’m getting in touch with my inner pinkness.  You see, I’ve never been a huge fan of pink and I haven’t had any pink decor since the moment I was able to choose my…

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    Color Palette: Decorating With Green Glorious Green

    In honor of my Blog-anniversary I’m republishing my very 1st blog post, Decorating with Green Glorious Green!  It’s no longer the Pantone Color of the Year but it’s still as glorious as ever. Cheerful Kelly, Brilliant Emerald, Fresh Kale Green, the palette of mother nature herself.  This fall green is hot in home decorating and Pantone, the industry color expert…

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    Color Palette: Wild About Chartreuse

    I’m Wild about Chartreuse!  A hot accent color for this fall.  Will you embrace decorating with chartreuse? Chartreuse is that yellow-green brilliant color that always stands on it’s own.  I believe if electricity had a color it would be chartreuse.

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    Color Palette: Cobalt The Coolest Blues

          Lately I’m loving Cobalt Blue.  The deep striking color that brings the sky and sea near Greece to my mind. Cobalt blue is dramatic, intense and brilliantly romantic.  You can use cobalt is an excellent accent color that will add excitement to a room.  If you use it as a main color it works best with a…