Vacant & Occupied Home Staging

Splendid Habitat Home Staging Services


Home Staging Consultation

If you are a homeowner in need expert advice to prepare your home before listing it for sale, in addition to a realtor, consider our Home Staging Consultation.  Our staging consultations are designed to help you feature the best assets of your property as well as neutralize your decor so it appeals to the widest possible number of buyers.  We will come to your home and walk room by room to offer you recommendations you can implement to maximize it’s appeal to buyers.  Or if you need, we can manage the necessary improvements for a fee.

Prices start at $225 for 2 hours / You will receive a written detailed report.

Vacant Home Staging

When a house is vacant it will feel cold and impersonal which can make it difficult for most buyers to visualize themselves living there. Vacant empty houses sit on the market 72% longer than professionally staged homes, get more lowball offers and cost investors and homeowners thousands of dollars in carrying cost month after month.

Professional Staging by Splendid Habitat Home Staging helps buyers see the  property you are selling as the fully furnished lovely home they’re dreaming of.  Our stylish furnishings and decor accessories breathe life into those empty rooms and bring attention to the best features of your property.  Most importantly, buyers will see an accurate depiction of important details like size of rooms with furniture in them and how the house functions as a home that fits their lifestyle.

Our Vacant Staging packages are perfect for busy investors, realtors and homeowners who want a trusted professional to manage the staging.  It includes:  A site visit to learn your needs, our Design plan, Delivery and Execution of Staging, and Removal of Inventory. Contracts include a 2 month service fee.

Price depends on size of property and number of rooms being staged.

Occupied Home Staging

Often homeowners are so attached to their home they fail to see the changes needed  to prepare their property for sale. We are an independent, objective professional voice to guide homeowners to make changes before the property is listed to maximize the opportunity to sell at the highest price.  We can create a “Staging ReStyle Plan” for homeowners who need to update and don’t want to buy new furniture.

Our Occupied Staging includes:  A site visit to learn your needs, a Design Plan with appropriate recommendations to highlight the home’s unique selling features, Rental of our furniture and decor items to compliment existing furniture and update the decor to today’s buyers desires, and oversee all changes if you desire.

An investment in a “Staging ReStyle” can significantly increase buyers interest in your home instead of them visiting and focusing only on the negatives.

Price depends on size of property and scope of project.