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Are you selling a home?

If you want to increase the ability to sell that home faster and for more money, consider professional home staging.

Often homeowners wonder is the investment of staging my home worth the effort?

YES, Professionally Staging your home before listing it REALLY DOES MATTER.

Realtors . Homeowners . Investors

When selling a home Professional Home Staging positively elevates what buyers see,
think and feel about your home.

It’s your #1 Marketing Tool that increases your ability to sell faster and for more money.

Top 10 Reasons to Stage Your Property

Professionally Staged Homes…

    • Staged homes create great online photos that make your home a “must see” for buyers
    • Staged homes “Stand-Out” in the buyers mind when visiting the home
    • Staged homes highlight the focal points and key features of the home
    • Staged homes help buyers envision the lifestyle they can have in the home
    • Staged homes accurately show the size of rooms with furnishings
    • Staged homes reveal to buyers the beauty of the home
    • Staged homes help establish an emotional connection with the buyer
    • Staged homes look move in ready
    • Staged homes spend less days on market
    • Staged homes often receive a higher offer price than non staged homes

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The Process

In our initial discussion we set up a meeting to view the property and understand the specific staging services you prefer. At the onsite visit we walk-thru the property, take photos and determine the staging needs to enhance presentation for sale. We send you a proposal outlining the project scope and our plan.

After the project scope is confirmed by you, we take the notes and photographs of your property, along with market data analysis to prepare our staging plan. We will schedule your staging, prepare our design plan and select your inventory.

The transformation takes place! We will prepare, deliver and install all furniture and accessory items agreed upon in the project scope and style your property. We pay attention to all the details that showcase the best features of your property.

At the end of your staging engagement we will return to your home. Take inventory, pack and remove all staging items on loan.

Working with Splendid Habitat Home Staging

Splendid Habitat Home Staging brings attention to the strengths of your home to maximizing your sales potential and shorten it’s time on market. By highlighting the key features and focal points of your property, we help buyers visualize the lifestyle they dream of living in your property.

We have an extensive inventory of up to date furnishings, decor accessories, rugs, art, etc to transform any space into a warm and inviting, modern home that attracts buyers to emotionally connect to and love your property.

Our team is lead by Elle Gibson, a skilled and passionate Interior Designer who’s a master at turning empty, cold and challenging spaces into splendidly beautiful homes.

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