• Accessories,  DIY

    A DIY Art Project Inspired by History and Modern Fashion

    A DIY Art Project inspired by a dark history My inspiration for this DIY art project was a striking photo I posted in the post Flower Power I wrote a few weeks ago and the story below about the origins of the African headdress. This post started off as a DIY art project but when I researched the history of my topic it…

  • DIY,  Fabric

    Bohemian Chic Wow! My Natural Turmeric Tie Dye Experiment

    It’s Bohemian Chic at it’s best – Fall in love with the soft, natural elegance of turmeric tie dye. I’ve always been attracted to tie dye because there’s a surprise element to the design process.  You can plan but your end results could turn out different than you expected.  I can handle different as long as it’s beautiful.

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    First Sign Of Spring It’s Time To Plant An Herb Garden

    Every spring I plant an herb garden of all my favorites.  I plant a container garden because it’s easier for me to maintain and I can keep it free from the lovely to look at but pesky rabbits. I started growing my own herbs about 5 years ago when my gas grill and I became best friends.  See, I discovered…