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Drab To Fab: Repurpose A Coffee Table Into A Chic Bench

You can give an old worn coffee table a new purpose.  From the moment I saw those great legs I had to repurpose it!

Repurpose coffee table to bench

Like most of you I always have my eye out for a bargain. So when I saw this old coffee table with the great legs in a thrift store it was only moments before it was in the back of my car.  I had plans for this baby.

I was inspired by an antique writing desk I’d seen recently that cost a small fortune.  I fell in love with it’s classic lines, ornate details and great legs.  I think I still had that impression in my head when I saw the coffee table.

french writing table Antique french writing table



Bedside Bench beforeIf you plan to repurpose a table make sure the table is sturdy enough to handle sitting weight.

It was fairly easy to repurpose the table into a bench.  It was already the perfect size and look.  Here’s a breakdown of what I did to transform it and the supplies I used.

Here’s the Supplies You’ll Need

– old wood coffee table

– medium coarseness sand paper

– wood stain and sealer

– paint brushes for stain and polyurethane sealer

– gold or silver paint (Optional to accent carved details)

– MDF board cut to size

– 3″ upholstery foam for cushion

– 1 yard fabric

– 4 long screws with nuts

Here’s my Step by Step Instructions to repurpose a table into a bench


Step 1 – Lightly sand the table legs and base.  I used a hand sander but this can be done by hand. Clean off all dust before painting/staining.

Minwax PolyshadeI used Minwax Polyshade because the stain & seal is together.

Step 2 – Paint the table. You don’t have to paint the top it will be covered.  If you need two coats let it dry for several hours before applying the second coat.

how to transform a bench

Step 3 – Cut mdf board ~ 1″ smaller than table top.  Place mdf board on table and drill a hole close to each corner through the board and table top.  Make the holes large enough to insert long screws.

how to upholster benchI used 2 1/2″ long screws with matching nuts

how to bench upholsterTest your screws in each hole to make sure they fit.

Step 4 – Remove the screws and set them aside.  Place the mdf board over the upholstery foam and cut the foam about an 1″ l larger than the board.  The foam should cover the table top.

bench upholster how toI used a 3″ upholstery foam for a comfortable & plush look.

Step 5 – Place the screws through the mdf board.  Then lay the cut foam on the board and staple together with the polyfill lining.  This will make your cushion soft and plush.

Upholster a bench

Step 6 – Position your fabric and staple around the mdf board pulling tight to get a secure neat fit for your seat cushion.

upholster your seat cushionYou must cut away the excess fabric at the screws so you can get a secure fit when you connect the cushion to the table.

Step 7 – Turn your cushion over and check your work.  Insert the cushion to the table by guiding the screws into the holes.

Bedside bench black

Step 8 – Turn the table over and secure the cushion by screwing the nuts in until you have a tight fit.

bench how to upholstery

 Step 9 – Turn the table over and have a seat on your new chic bench.

Repourvoie table into bench After

Have a seat on your new chic bench!

It really was simple to do.  And old tables are easy to find and usually inexpensive at thrift stores and garage sales.

Best yet you can use your new bench anywhere you want in your home.

Don’t have time to make one, contact me this one is for sale.

Until next time …

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