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Agate Home Accessories To Rock Your Style


Agate - design trend
Are you falling hard for agate like me – Here are some delicious agate home accessories to rock your style. 

In every color of the rainbow, natural or dyed, Agate is The Stone designers are currently in love with.

Agate is a gemstone recorded used by the ancient Greeks in 400 BC to make jewelry and beads.  However, it’s believed agate my have been used during the stone ages.

Agate is a  quartz mineral that belongs to the Chalcedony family of crystals.  It comes in a wide range of colors and is often variegated and banded.  According to Chakra philosophy, Agates are considered Power Stones that have excellent protective and healing energy, and stimulate analytical capabilities and precision.

agate bowl - King of Pontus

Ancient Agate bowl from the treasured collection of King Pontus

What I love about agate is how it is creatively striped and textured by nature.  The most distinctive feature of agate stones are its concentric layers or bands that form like the rings of a tree trunk.  The bands sometimes look like eyes, fancy scallops, or a landscape with trees. The naturally forming bands make each agate stone one of a kind.

blue-agate rough stone

Blue Agate cut natural stone

Natural stone or dyed in fashion colors, Agate is all the rage from jewelry to lamps to wallpaper.  Since I’m currently loving Agate here are some of my favorite decor products I’m coveting in Agate.

Porcelain wall tile- Agata Azzurra B by Fiandre Azzurra B agate porcelain wall by Fiandre makes a strong impact

Malachite agate photo on glassAgate photograph on glass framed

Swirls Wallpaper - Roberta Crowder

Elegant Swirls Wallpaper by Roberta Crowder

Marblized Agate Green Room Interiors

Marblized Agate powder room by Green Room Interiors


Eclipse Agate Chandelier in Brass

Willy Daro Blue Agate Table Lamp

Willy Daro Blue Agate Table Lamp is exquisite

Agate lamp West ElmThe West Elm version agate lamp is $300.

Agate trays by Target

Nate Berkus Agate trays by Target

Agate coasters

Agate coasters are very affordable


Agate coasters framedyou could frame them as art

Agate Mirror blue by Marjorie Skouras

 Marjorie Skouras creates amazing pieces – Blue Agate Mirror

Agate night lights

The glow from these agate night lights is stunning

Agate end table - AnthropologieLovely agate end table with brass legs

Agate end table close upThe table is so beautiful close up.

Framed agate knobsThese agate door pulls and cabinet handles look like jewelry

Agate cabinet pulls - west elm

Door pulls – Anthropologie & Cabinet handles – West Elm

Bebe Chandelier by Marjorie Skouras

This agate drop chandelier by  Marjorie Skouras is a definite favorite of mine.  The agate slices reminds me of spliced apples. I’d love to use this one.

So, What Agate Will You Covet?

There are so many products at a variety of price ranges that if you’re on the hunt you are certain to find something you can afford and love.

Until next time …

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