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Color Palette: Wild About Chartreuse

I’m Wild about Chartreuse!  A hot accent color for this fall.  Will you embrace decorating with chartreuse?

Color of Dreams by Tomaas

Chartreuse is that yellow-green brilliant color that always stands on it’s own.  I believe if electricity had a color it would be chartreuse.

If you are a fan, Chartreuse can be an excellent choice to give a room a refresh without breaking the budget.  All it takes is paint and accessories.  It’s such a brilliantly bold color you will only need a few additions in small doses to change the mood or attitude of your room.

Wild about Chartreuse color

If you are a lover of Chartreuse and want some tasteful ideas to incorporate it in your home decorating follow along to give your room a new color punch.

Here Are 4 Easy Ways To Decorate With Chartreuse:

Chartreuse Accessories are the Perfect Pop of Color

Lupita in Chartreuse top

Lupita looks good in any color but her beautiful brown and chartreuse are seriously fabulous.  Chocolate & chartreuse Yes!

Chartreuse textured pillows

Chartreuse blanketsJust trade out your neutrals for a pop of color.  These chartreuse blankets and textured pillows can add flavor & color interest to almost any room.

Chartreuse can be electricity in a room full of neutrals

Pop of chartreuse living roomChartreuse & grey makes a chic space in this living room.

chartreuse door - decorating with chartreuseOh what a difference a bold chartreuse door makes.

chartreuse and white work spaceAll out chartreuse is calmed with white furniture & accents.


Cool chartreuse lamp shaped like an artichoke.

Create a focal point using Chartreuse as accent wall 

Chartreuse-bedroomA $40 can of paint can change everything.  Notice every color except chartreuse is a neutral.

Chartreuse-accent wallThis look could be accomplished with almost any pattern framed.

Chartreuse & black Wallpaper - Lola by HarlequinThis Chartreuse & Black Wallpaper by Harlequin would make a beautiful accent wall.

Tile Star patterned in chartreuseAccent your floor with chartreuse patterned tiles.

 Chartreuse furniture can create a big wow!

Chartreuse ottoman in bedroomThe chartreuse ottoman makes all the difference in this room.

Panton-chairs-green-chartreuseMid Century repro chairs will look great with a simple table.

chartreuse cabinets in kitchenChartreuse cabinets anchor and add excitement in this kitchen.

Chartreuse desk

This Chartreuse desk will light up an entry or work space.

Pair Chartreuse with other bold colors to create balance

Chartreuse will balance well with bold colors that are opposite the greens on the color wheel – Pinks, purples and blues

chartreuse silk chair

Classic french chair in sweet chartreuse paired with pink

Chartreuse & hot pink bedroom

Chartreuse and hot pink are one of my favorite bold combinations.

Royal and chartreuse roomRoyal blue meets chartreuse sounds scary but can be quite elegant.

I hope now you see chartreuse is an easier color to use chartreuse than you’d think.  It’s a color some run from and others run to.  Which will you be?

Whatever you decide chartreuse is a color to embrace for the fall decorating season.  Remember, a pop of chartreuse adds freshness like nothing else.

In case you didn’t know it

hartreuse-verte - Liqeuer France

Chartreuse got it’s named from a French liqueur made by the Monks in the 17th century.

Hope you enjoyed and got some ideas from this burst of color!

Until next time …

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