Meet Me At Martha’s Vineyard For Dream Yourself Awake!

I’ve always heard that Martha’s Vineyard is a magical place and I can’t wait to see it for myself.  Want to join me at Dream Yourself Awake?

In September I’m planning to visit Martha’s Vineyard for a unique awe-inspiring retreat created just for women like you and me.

See if you can relate to why I’m going:

Like me you’ve probably helped:

Your love interest, your children, your parents, your girlfriends, the church, workmates, and more family members than you can count or care to mention – Support Their Dreams.

But what about you?

Too often we put ourselves last on the list and never get around to serving our own sacred mission and dreams.

Sometimes the scariest part of maturing is realizing the clock is ticking and you still haven’t gotten around to things deep in your heart on your own wish list.

To not have a life of regret, you Must Act Differently to put your dreams into action.

But how do you find the strength, time, resources and courage to set a plan in place to actualize your dreams when life feels already so overloaded?

Let me introduce you to a dynamic woman I’ve only know a year but she’s a game changer when it comes to awakening your giant within.

Patricia A. Patton is redefining the way women think about what it means to live a well situated life, particularly among maturing black and African American women.

Dream Yourself Awake Flyer

In September 2015, Patricia will host the 1st Dream Yourself Awake  Retreat in historic and beautiful Martha’s Vineyard.

When you attend Dream Yourself Awake you will:

  • Remember that girl you once were.  You’ll reconnect to her and be able to hear strongly your own little voice inside to guide you.
  • Have a playbook or roadmap to work your personal plan into fruition.
  • Have a small group of accountability partners to ensure you succeed as you work your plan.
  • Have had an awesome time at the beautiful Martha’s Vineyard enjoying the history of this magnanimous place.
  • Be a renewed woman ready to take on your dreams like you never have before.

Reach out to Patricia Patton now and learn about the Dream Yourself Awake Retreat she’ll be hosting on the Vineyard.

Even though I’ve only began to scratch the surface of some of my dreams I’m so hopeful and grateful for how God’s goodness keeps showing up in my life.  As I continue on my journey to fulfill all of His plans for me I’m asking you this question:

When are you going to actively set a plan to fulfill your deepest dreams, hopes and desires?

Tomorrow is not promised to anyone.  So why don’t you pack a bag and meet me in The Vineyard at Dream Yourself Awake so we can begin the next chapter together?

Click here to contact Patricia Patton and learn more about this unique Dream Yourself Awake Retreat.

About Martha’s Vineyard incase you didn’t know …

During the summer months the powerful and super-affluent can be found on the Vineyard enjoying the pristine beaches and all it has to offer.

The African-American presence on Martha’s Vineyard is documented by the  African American Trail with 24 markers in Oak Bluffs and around the island celebrating various special spots of African-American history.

Pres Obama & Malia biking on Martha's VineyardPresident Obama & daughter Malia biking on Martha’s Vineyard

Oak Bluff, a historic African American community at Martha’s Vineyard, is where many black elite including Senator Adam Clayton Powell Jr., Dorothy West, and Paul Robeson owned homes or vacationed.  Still ‘the local” where Today’s a newer generation of African American elites including Spike Lee and Henry Louis Gates call home during the summer.

The Inkwell Movie - Lorenze Tate & Jada PinckettRemember the movie The Inkwell?

Inkwell movie Martha's Vineyard It was my introduction to black life on Martha’s Vineyard.

Gingerbread cottages Oak Bluff Martha's VineyardThe historic vacation rental Gingerbread cottages in Oak Bluff

See you at The Vineyard!

Until next time …

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