Color Palette

Color Palette: Cobalt The Coolest Blues



Art blue Collage


Lately I’m loving Cobalt Blue.  The deep striking color that brings the sky and sea near Greece to my mind.

Cobalt blue is dramatic, intense and brilliantly romantic.  You can use cobalt is an excellent accent color that will add excitement to a room.  If you use it as a main color it works best with a neutral such as gray or white, or pair it with an equally strong color like orange or purple.

Here are some ideas for home and from the runway that celebrate the beauty of the brilliantly, intense cobalt blue.

Cobalt blue bedroom




Blue living room w large portrait

Irreverent accents in the table and art

Cobalt & white art accessories

Cobalt Abstract painting

Bathroom with blue subway tiles

Cobalt blue subway tiles make this bathroom dramatic and sparkling

Tory Burch Cobalt blue bedroom

Cobalt and white in pattern over pattern

Cobalt blue dyed Mexican wedding blanket

Mexican wedding blanket dyed cobalt blue

Cobalt in fashion

Moschino Cobalt handbag

Cobalt Handbag by Moschino

Cobalt shoes - Burak Uran


Cobalt strappy sandal by Burak Uran

Cobalt blue tie dye bikini

Cobalt tie-dye bikini

Versace watch in cobalt

Cobalt Versace watch

Blue & white bowls

Enjoy your Independence Day!

Until next time …

blue butterflies