Got Weeds? Simple Steps To Rid Your Yard Of Common Weeds

Simple steps to get rid of common weeds all summer long.

I hate weeds! You work to create a lovely garden and then the weeds move in.  Fear not, it is possible to get rid of common weeds and keep weeds under control all summer long with a few simple steps I’ll share with you.

Weed Control

Weed control is basic knowledge for everyone who has a lawn and garden to maintain.  I’ve had to learn the basics through trial and error because my mother never got to pass her know how down to me.

My mother took great pride in caring for her garden.  She had the most beautiful roses in yellow, red, peach and tangerine.  I believe gardening was one of God’s gifts to her.  Her blooms were glorious enough to win awards.  Whoever visited when her roses were in bloom was likely to walk away with a bouquet glorious enough to win awards.  I can still see her smiling and working happily in her garden.

I have been a slow learner when it comes to the basics of garden care taking.  I didn’t know then how important it would be for keeping the outside of your home.

Since weed control is a major issue to deal with I thought I’d pass this info along to those out there like me – the lawn challenged.

Here are 5 of my most pesky weeds and the simple steps I take to control weeds.

My Top 5 Most Pesky weeds

Weed Control - FireweedFireweed – is trying to takeover my yard.  Using herbicides to kill it and pulling it out from the roots help, but I have yet to find a product or method to eliminate the petty fireweed.

Weed control - Creeping CharlieCreeping Charlie – is super pesky and grows “like a weed”.  They almost took over my yard on winter.  When you see this growing get on it immediately before they overtake yours.  I use a pre-herbicide to help.

Weed Control - Poison IvyPoison Ivy – I found the hard way I’m allergic so I wear heavy gloves and long sleeves. To rid it from your yard you must spot-treat it with an herbicide.

Weed Control - KnotweedKnotweed – is a ground cover weed that grows long and wide.  Because of there stubborn roots I usually apply herbicide and wait a day before I try to remove them.

Weed Control - Musk thistleMusk Thistle can grow very tall and can have large purple flowers on top. You have to pull out from the roots then use herbicide to remove.

Simple Steps I Take To Control Weeds

1. You’ll need some tools – I use garden gloves, a hand weeded and a hoe.

2.  You must pull weeds out from the roots.  A hand weeder or a hoe will help you dig into the ground to get the entire root.

3.  It’s best to remove weed roots when the lawn is soft after a rain or watering which will allow you to dig more easily.

4.  Apply mulch to your beds.  Mulch actually helps reduce weed germination by covering areas making it more difficult for them to grow.

5.  Use a pre-emergence herbicide in the spring will help reduce weed growth.

6.  Using a post-emergence herbicide is the most effective way to kill weeds once they’ve grown.  Talk to a lawn care specialist at your retailer to identify a herbicide that will kill your weeds but not your grass and flowers.  Also, a little usually goes a long way.

Alternative – non chemical weed control

Looking for a non-chemical herbicide you can make? Here are some homemade herbicide recipes you might want to try.  I’ve used the white vinegar one and it definitely worked for me.  Good luck!

I hope these tips help you pull far less weeds this summer.

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