Color Palette

Color Palette: Pink Is Hot, Cool and Fabulous!

Whether you like your pink hot or cool this October in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month “Think Pink”.

Pink is hot cool & fabulous

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month I’m getting in touch with my inner pinkness.  You see, I’ve never been a huge fan of pink and I haven’t had any pink decor since the moment I was able to choose my own decor.  But I’m also a designer girl who can find beauty in any color.

I have a big reason to celebrate and Think Pink because my mother was a breast cancer survivor.  I deeply admire the courage and grace under pressure many women have faced when suffering through the challenges of Breast Cancer.

In the spirit of Breast Cancer Awareness Month Please go and get a check up if you haven’t this year! In the mean time, here are some things I’m currently loving that make you want to Think Pink:

Decorating with Pink

Jaipur India - Hot Pink

Strong pink is used often in decor in India & Mexico

Pink home MexicoPink painted stucco home in Mexico

Brian Alan Kirkland hot pink bathroom ASO showhouseBrian Alan Kirkland hot pink bathroom is pink-alicious!

Manuel Canovas cut velvet pinkPink cut velvet fabulous!

Bohemian pink rug bedroomBohemian in pink.  Love that rug!

Pink Fashion & Accessories

Hot Pink coat



Christian Dior Pink heels Hot pink Christian Dior heels

Oscar del la Renta - pink satin gownOscar del la Renta – pink satin gown

Pink Hermes Birkin handbag

Pink Hermes Birkin handbag

Pink diamonds - Tiffany

Pink diamonds by Tiffany

Rihanna in pink

Rihanna in soft pink

Pink concrete floor2 by German artist Heike Weber

Pink concrete floor by German artist Heike Weber

Vintage pink dog wallpaper

Vintage Flocked Wallpaper

Pink soufle chair - Kelly Wearstler

Soufle chair in pink leather by Kelly Wearstler

Chanel pink diamond watch

Chanel pink diamond watch

I hope you’ve enjoyed my Think Pink Fantasy moment.  Now don’t forget ladies to get your ta-tas checked!

Until next time …

Early detection saves lives, elle


  • Patricia

    I don’t think I have anything pink although I loved everything in this post and could actually live with the items. So beautiful. I can just see myself sitting in my bedroom with those pink Christian Dior heels, those Tiffany earrings and lingerie. My, my. Oh I have had my ta-tas viewed.

    • Elle

      Hello Patricia,

      Happy I could make you think pink! I’ll do anything to get women to think about checking the ta-tas, glad you’ve checked yours. I feel you on the pink, I’m more of a red girl but loved finding the pink fabulous.

      Thanks for dropping by,


      • Sharlayne

        Hello, the Pink celebration for breast cancer is wonderful! The coat and heels are definitely speaking to me! I’m loving the Tiffany earrings and watch as well. Everything is beautifully displayed! Yes, I got my ta-tas checked

        • Elle

          Hey Sharlayne,

          So glad you were inspired by all the beauty of pink in the post and more importantly – You got your ta-tas checked!

          I appreciate hearing how much you enjoyed it.