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5 Elements To Create A Bedroom Sanctuary

Is it possible to give your bedroom a totally new look without changing the main furniture? Ofcourse!

Here’s what I did to create a serene, inspiring new look for my master bedroom sanctuary without breaking the bank.  Since I knew I wasn’t changing out my bed and dressers I concentrated on changing the soft goods that can have a big impact. furniture

master bedroom - Elle Gibson

Here Are The 5 Elements To Create A Bedroom Sanctuary:

1.  Begin With Color – I wanted a serene color palette that was timeless.   I chose a peaceful shade of gray that was warm and masculine.

Ellie Gray SW color-swatch

Ellie Gray SW color

I chose earth green as my accent color.  Did you know green supports balance, harmony and love?

2.  Choose A Great Mattress –  You deserve a good nights sleep so invest in a good mattress.  I had already upgraded my mattress to a memory foam one last summer because I have bad trouble. You can learn how to buy a new mattress here.

3.  Dress The Bed – I love to dress the bed in beauty and luxury.  My refresh centered on creating a new set of designer custom made pillows and a quilt that are color coordinated.  Also, I bought  a new set of luxury cotton sheets to sleep on.

bedroom pillows - green & gray Elle

Layer your pillows for a luxurious look.  If you can buy pillows with down inserts – they feel and look good.

green & gray pillows - Elle GibsonCustom pillow covers by Elle.  Custom color palettes available just contact me – details to buy on instagram.

4.  Update Your Lighting – Every bedroom needs to have good lighting which should include l for reading and other tasks as well as overhead lights.  I chose a new set of modern lamps for beside the bed to include in my refresh.  I love the way they look.

Silver metal lamp - Splendid Habitat bedroom makeoverLamps are a good thing to invest in because you’ll have them for years and use them almost everyday.  Buy a stylish one, it makes a difference.

5.  Create A Spot For Contemplation – Create a quiet corner in your bedroom other than your bed to sit and read, meditate or curl up and contemplate your thoughts if you have room.  I refurbished a lounge chair in my bedroom and it is serving me well as perfect place to relax.  You can see the chair transformation here.

pillows master bedroomI reupholstered this chair and ottoman to create a quiet lounge space.

Bonus Tip: Take time to organize and eliminate – Staying organized is a big challenge. Do yourself a favor by clearing out items you don’t use.  Also, I reorganized our nightstands by adding plastic bins inside the drawers.  This has made it so much easier to find items we use.  Organizations can improve  your function and reduce stress.

Silver Lamps - master bedroom


Pillow set - geen & gray


I love to mix a variety of patterns in a room to tell a color story.

Pillow set - bedroom refresh - Elle Gibson

The bedroom is the last place many people decorate, but I believe you owe it to yourself to have a nice place to sleep.  Whether you completely redecorate or a simple refresh.

If you’re like me you will spend a lot of time in your bedroom.  Why not make the investment to make it a peaceful space that inspires and delights you.  If you need help with your transformation contact me.

lounge chair with pillows - bedroom

Until next time …

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