From Drab To Fab: A Chair & Ottoman Remake


Chair & Ottoman Before & After

Sometimes change is good – Take a look at how this old chair went from boring to glamorous and I fell in love all over again.  

One of my favorite things to do in design is to breathe new life into old or vintage furniture, it brings out the magician in me.

My oversized chair and ottoman was looking mighty tired because it had seen better days.  It was a wonderfully comfortable place to curl up, read a great book or take a nap on and there was no way I was parting with her.

Chair & half before

CHAIR & Ottoman side redesignShe was long overdue for a makeover but I held on until I found the perfect fabric to dress her in.  I wanted something classic and glamourous.

Look at her transformation from boring to glamourous.



Remaking an old or vintage piece of furniture requires an investment of your time, effort and resources whether you DIY or hire someone to do the work.   The cost to restore wood furniture and the cost to reupholster furniture is not cheap.

Chair & half after with pillows

Ottoman remake after The ottoman was redesigned for a more modern look.

So how do you know when you should remake a piece or just give it away?  Here’s the criteria I use when deciding to do a remake:

1.  Is the style lines timeless?

  • Look at the style lines.  Some furniture pieces are classics that will always be in style.  Adding a new fabric can turn grandma’s funky floral chair into something you’ll admire.

2.  Is the piece well made?

  • Look at how it’s constructed.  If the chair is sturdy but the cushions sags that’s an easy fix.  If there are cracks in the wood or you see glued joints take note and ask the restorer’s opinion because poor original construction usually is an indicator of low quality.
  • My opinion is the main reason to restore or reupholster vintage furniture is to get higher quality furniture at a lower price.  Usually furniture construction 30-50 years ago is better than a lot of the imported furniture made to hit a price point being sold today.

3.  You want a custom look?

  • When you select your own fabric you have the ability to create a custom look and make unique or distinctive furniture pieces  to coordinate your own decorating style, just as designers do.
  • Sometimes we inherit a piece that holds sentimental value but needs a refresh to coordinate in your rooms.  Reupholstering is a great option to make it yours.


What did you think of the transformation?

Do you have a furniture piece you’d like to make new again?

What will you transform so you can fall in love with it again?  I’d love to help you make that happen, especially if you’re in the Atlanta area.   Just reach out.

Until next time …

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