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12 Wallpapers For Your Bathroom With Personality Plus

tribal wallpaper by EskayelTribal inspired wallpaper by Eskayel

Want to add personality plus to your decorating but don’t know how to begin?  Bathrooms are a great place to make a personality statement with wallpaper.

A bathroom or powder room gets a lot of use and are usually small. They make great choices to showcase a unique wallpaper.  So why not give your bathroom a big old dose of personality?

Wallpapers come in every color and pattern in the rainbow.  Inch for inch adding wallpaper can give any room a big dose of personality and make it an inviting space that’s memorable.

Here are a few of my current favorites that wow a bathroom and pack a big punch:

Love Color – Make a brilliant choice?

Bathroom wallpapersWhy not carry wallpaper the ceiling too – Peacock blue damask

Pink paint wallpaper by Amanda NisbetGraffiti Pink wallpaper by Amanda Nesbit

Like Geometric Patterns – Try Stripes or Triangles

A Subtle Graphic always in style design by Karyn-R-Millet

bathroom wallpapers - bold stripesGo Bold with Stripes

bathroom wallpapers - CircusBold colored Circus wallpaper by Cole & Sons

Love Tribal Style

Bathroom wallpapers in Black & WhiteBlack & White wallpaper – photo by Stephani Buchman

Pierre Frey's Toiles de Nantes wallpaper Ikat inspired Toiles de Nantes wallpaper by Pierre Frey

Love Natural Elements -will you pick Stone or Marble?

Dkor Interiors Blue Agate Walls Blue Agate wallpaper design by Dkor Interiors

Schumacher Romeo wallpaperMarble wallpaper Romeo by Schumacher

If you’re still on the fence take a look at these options to see if something strikes your fancy.

  Want a custom color? Paint it yourself

You can still add personality plus using a stencil (you can easily paint over) or add a temporary option such as a decal or sticker.

G& Brown Curvy wallpaperAdd texture to your walls with Curve by Graham & Brown wallpaper.

Graham & Brown Curvy wallpaperWant a perfect color match to your decor?  This textured wallpaper  is made to be painted by you. It’s reasonably priced too.

Want a DIY semi-permanent option? Try Stencil or Decal

Wall decal - Blik Wall DecalsThe wall decal behind the mirror is from Blik Design Studio

You might be surprised at what some paint, tape and a stencil can do to mimic the look of wallpaper for a lot less.  Stencils are perfect if you want to customize your color palette, you want to DIY, or you’re not ready to make a commitment to wallpaper.

Here’s a look at a stencil you can do on your own.  I hear they’re fairly easy to do.  I’m going to try one soon so I’ll let you know.

bathroom wallpaper - stencil Get a wallpaper look using a stencil as Designing Domesticity ex.

As you can see there are many options to get personality plus in your wallpaper selection for your bathroom, powder room or any other space.

Are you full of ideas yet?

If you need help selecting wallpaper or executing your project I’m here to help virtually or in person.  Just reach out to me.  As you can see, I’m a wallpaper loving diva!

Until next time …

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