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How To Set A Glorious Thanksgiving Side Table

Set a Side Table

Will you need to include a side table to accomodate more guest, a children’s table, or for beverages and desserts this Thanksgiving?  If you do I say don’t treat the side table as an after thought – Make it an integral and beautiful part of your decor.

Maybe your Thanksgiving will be an intimate dinner for two?   How about setting up a small table for two instead of sitting amongst empty chairs at the dining table.

There are many ways to make a side table special.  Here are a few suggestions:

    1.  Adding a small vase of flowers and/or candles works wonders.

Small vase of flowersUse the same or similar color flowers to make a bigger impact.

    2.  For children I add plastic placemats, use plastic cups  or I add a glass top to protect the tablecloth.

    3.  For a beverage table I always place a large tray on the table and place the ice bucket and beverage bottles on the tray.


Tea TrayTea anyone? Set-up for tea or coffee in advance.  When ready add the hot item and move tray to table.

Beverage trayJust set your beverages on the tray on the table.  It will limit damage to the tablecloth if there are spills.

This is what my Thanksgiving side table will look like this year. 

TG tablescape closeThis setting is ready to eat a wonderful meal.

Thanksgiving side tablescape

place setting close up

SunflowersA simple vase of sunflowers cost almost nothing but adds splendor to the setting.

Bowl w shells

tablecloth trimThe table cloth is a trellis patterned linen and the napkins are a washable no-iron cotton.

Sewing tableclothIn case you were wondering – Yes, I made the tablecloth and napkins.

Now all that’s needed is food to enjoy a wonderful dinner.

I hope the suggestions help and you make your guest comfortable too.  Even if they don’t sit at the big table.

Until next time …

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