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Gallery Wall Ideas To Make Your Walls Go Wow!

Here’s a Quick & Easy way to make your walls go wow just in time for the Holidays that will look wonderful anytime of the year.

Creating a gallery wall is a perfect way to display what’s really important to you.  All you need is a few frames, your artwork or photographs and time to set up your display.  You can use a variety of frames – old and new.  A gallery wall will give your wall a serious upgrade and it looks a lot more complicated than it actually is.

Some ideas you can use to create your wall are:

– Family photos – Why not capture your family history

– Build arond a theme that stimulates you such as fashion, cars, sports, music

– Travel photos & memorabilia – How about a collection of  your favorite places

Here are some wonderful gallery walls to be inspire you.  I love them all.


How about creating a family story in picture?

Blk frames family gallery The lives of your children or the family history on display.  They will love it and so will you!

From Style Me Pretty

Frames on ledge Apt TheraphyWant to be a quick change artist?  Add a few inexpensive ledges to your wall and it becomes a gallery you can change in an instant.

African themed gallery wallThis African inspired themed wall is boldly grand.  If you collect something why not display it on your walls.

Artsy gallery wallFound art or collected pieces over time – Almost anything can be used to create a beautiful gallery wall.

Dark wall with gallery displayA dark wall can serve as a perfect backdrop to display art or photography.

Don’t have art?  How about using mirrors.

Mirror wall - Domino magazineA mix of old mirrors from thrift stores make a grand statement to dress up these walls.

Here’s a quick how to via photo.  It’s that simple.

How to layout a gallery wall

Hope these ideas helped you find perfection for you to create a gallery wall. 

Won’t your family be excited to see themselves on display when they visit this season?

Until next time …

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