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How To Merge His And Her Styles In A Room And Make It Beautiful. – Part 2

Chemistry can be the magic that makes a relationship exciting but how do you create that excitement in your living space.  It takes the right formula to merge His style to Hers’, especially when they are opposite.

I know it can happen and I’ll show you specific ways to satisfy the desires of both partners to create harmony in a room.  Last week in Part 1 I explained how to select upholstery pieces, customize chairs and choose affordable art for your space.  In this post I’m offering new information to complete a couple’s room when styles are at opposite ends of the style scale.

But first a few guidelines I think are important:

  1. Set a budget and stick to it.  If neccessary do a little research via window shopping to set realistic expectations.
  2. Understand what are the must haves for each partner before you spend.  If you want glamour and he wants comfort make certain you shop for a glamourous comfortable sofa.
  3. Take your time and buy a little at a time.  When you live with a piece or two it helps you figure out what really works and what doesn’t.  Also it’s easier on the budget to afford the pieces you want.  Buying everything at once can be very expensive and sometimes risky.
  4. Discover each other as you discover your combined style perfection.  Remember, the journey to create a beautiful comfortable space is far more important than reaching the destination in a weekend.

Now here are my steps to complete the room:

Go Masculine + Feminine for a Color Palette

Why not imbrace the opposites and create a beautiful color palette?  I love a masculine & feminine color combination.  Choose the masculine as your base color.  Use tones on the walls.  Use the feminie color to create pops of color with accent pieces and accessories.

There are so many good Masculine + Feminine color combinations but some of my favorites are:

Gray + Pink, Navy + Yellow, Chocolate + White

Gray Pink living room - Domaine magazineGray & Pink living room from Domaine magazine sings on all the right notes.

Gray & Pink living roomFor a more casual space add burst of bright pink in funky accent pieces.

Gray sofa with bright pillows Apt TheraphyA dark color + any bright also brings a masculine + feminine room together as shown here.  Navy, brown and gray are great choices.

Go with Pattern on the floor if you dare.

A patterned rug can be marvelous.  If you don’t want your house to be a no shoe zone all the time I strongly suggest puchasing a rug that can take heavy wear.  Try a low pile rug, a kilim or flatweave. They’re great if you have an active lifestyle or have animals.

A bold graphic rug will make His + Her style look intentional.  It will also anchor a room.

Chocolate bedroom by Rugo Raff Ltd.The drama of this chocolate and white rug is beautiful.

Living room navy sofaGoing with beige instead of white in the rug is another good option.

Go Dramatic with an Accent Wall, and dark walls are especially wonderful.

If you and your partner are opposites, how about including a dramatic accent wall on atleast one wall in your space.  It could be fabulous in an entry way, an eating space or a bedroom.  An accent wall dials up the mood and attitude of a space.


Navy wall in entry way


Navy bedroom in home of Anthony Gianacakos shot by Emily AndersonThis Sexy bedroom with the navy walls is cuddle ready.

Home of Anthony Gianacakos photo by Emily Anderson.

Go with Glamourous Accent pieces but select masculine finishes 

You can add all the glamour you want with accent pieces.  Tables, lighting, desk and nicnacs can help you create feminine elegance and masculine perfection in your room.

Think – Matte metal finishes.

Auger floor lamp Arteriors

Chainmail pendant lamp - Arteriors Pewter lamp ArteriorsLamps by Arteriors

Think – Opaque and smoky or colorless glass pieces.

Smoky glass desk 1stdibs

Think – Opulent fabrics in small doses.

Cotton Velvet pillows casual


I hope by incorporating some or all of these ideas you are on your way to creating the perfect masculine / feminine home that compliments perfectly the challenge you may be facing with merging His and Her style.

Also, Checkout Part 1 of this story.

Until next time …

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