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DIY: How To Create A Fabulous Furry Stool

Joe-Mimran-house Wool PouffThe Manhattan home of fashion designer Joseph and Kimberely Mimran.  Photo by Simon Upton

Pieds de Bouc Stool by Marc Bankowsky

The Marc Bankowsky “Pieds De Bouc” Round Stool  at 1stdibs  – $9500

From the moment I saw that furry treasure with the golden legs I fell in love and had to have one until I checked out the price on 1stdibs – $9500.  I don’t think so.

I searched for an alternative and found the Jonathan Adler bench below.  It’s larger and equally adorable but at a price of $1995.  it was still out of my range.  So, the idea of acquiring my own furry treasure was put on serious “are you kidding me” pause, but when I have visions of beauty dancing through my head I never give up hope.

J Adler ottoman w gold legsJonathan Adler Mongolian Lamb fur bench – $1995.

Jonathan Adler bedroom with fur benchThis Jonathan Adler bench is just fabulous at the end of this bed.  Photo via Jonathan Adler.

Then one day as I was walking through Ikea inspiration starred me in the face the moment I saw their display bin full of sheepskin rugs.  I knew my desire for a furry stool was within reach because imagination and inspiration had finally met.

Rug from Ikea When my desire and imagination met an Ikea sheepskin rug my furry stool became a reality.

Here’s what I used and did to create my furry stool:


  • 1 Sheepskin rug
  • 1 Piece plywood (cut 16″ either round or square)
  • 1 Piece 3″ upholstery foam cut same size as plywood
  • 4 legs atleast 6″ tall Or 2 square legs atleast 10″ tall
  • Hardware for legs to attach to plywood and screws
  • Staple gun & Spray adhesive


Step 1 – Draw a circle the size you desire and cut it out.  Often you can have this done at the hardware store if you buy the wood there.

Draw wood circle

I used a jigsaw to cut my circle.  You could make your stool square if you don’t have the ability to cut a circle.

Cutting a wood circle

Step 2 – Cut the foam cushion the same size as the wood and attach it with spray adhesive.

Wood & foam for stool

Step 3 – Use a staple gun and attach the sheepskin to the wood.  Trim as necessary.

Staple sheepskin to wood base

Step 4 – Attach the hardware for the legs to the wood.  Paint the furniture legs and let them dry.  Once dry attach the legs to the hardware.

attach hardware to wood

Step 5 – Fluff the sheepskin and put your feet up.  You’re done!

Elle's Sheepskin OttomanThis stool looks so expensive I can hardly believe it cost me less than $100. to make.

Not bad huh!  – Do you like the results?

Sheepskin furry stool by ElleIf you have a desire and imagination just keep the idea fresh in your heart.

Sooner or later you’ll find a way to make it a reality.

Until next time …

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