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Christmas Gift Ideas Tweens, Teens and Young Adults Will Love

Teens and Tweens want the latest and greatest trends in clothing and electronic gadgets but how are we to know what to buy.  You can become a gift giving rock star by following the suggestion in my guide.

Christmas morning happyThat’s exactly what I’m aiming for – The look of Awesome Joy when they open their gifts on Christmas morning, especially the gifts from me.

As a mom and aunt of tweens and teenagers I know how difficult it can be to get an exciting reaction from the cool young people we are raising today.  It’s not impossible to find gifts that will make them happy.  Take a look at my guide for tweens and teens because you too can become a gift giving rock star.

Because my list came straight from the source.  I spoke with young people ages 13 to 24 from Washington, DC to Los Angeles, CA to compile my Christmas Wish List.  In my informal focus group I learned just how sophisticated and brand savvy these young consumers are.

They know exactly what they wish for and why.  Since it is a “wish list” you might be surprised by some of the selections and prices but every item they selected, suggested and approved to make it on my lists.

FYI – Here’s a few thing you may want to know about the list:

  •  They had to select items in different price ranges – Under $50.  Under $100. and $100. +
  •  They could not select any video games, game consoles or computers.
  • I stayed true to my word and did not sensor their expensive choices.

Also, I know some item prices are high but if you decide to buy be a Savvy Shopper.  Here are my tips:

  • Take advantage of sales and promotional prices. I know when you shop at department stores such as Macy’s One Day sales you can save 20-40% on high priced items.
  • Take advantage of Black Friday sales, especially for clothing and electronics.
  • Did you know many stores are selling items at “pre-sale Black Friday prices”?  Ask, and take advantage.
  • Shop at the major discount stores such as TJMaxx.  I have seen Michael Kors watches at stores in my area.
  • Most important, Set a budget and stick to it.  Also, if you can have some fun while shopping.

So if you are an aunt, uncle, grandparent, close friend or parent that’s tired of giving the default gift card take a look at my “Wish List” of suggestions for some alternatives.

is exactly what you’re looking  for on their face Tweens & Teens are the most difficult to figure out when it comes to gift giving.  They want whatever the latest trend is.  This list comes straight from the source.  Every item was selected by They told me exactly what they want.  So, if you are an aunt, Grandparent or parent that’s tired of giving gifts cards Kids do like them but it’s also nice to surprise them with what they will like.

All Hot Lists items have been Tween, Teen & Young Adult selected and approved.  So get to shopping!

2014 Splendidly Hot Christmas Wish List for Tweens (Pre-Teens)

Hot List Xmas 2014 - Tweens


1.  Iphone and Android funky looking phone cases – This leopard shark case is from SprayGround $20.

2.  Movie theater pre-paid cards – you choose the amount at a nationa or their local movie house.

3.  Swatch Watches – The color and design choices are endless.  Prices start ~ $50.

4.  Van’s Sneakers – They love themeven if they don’t skateboard (and Nike too).  Prices start ~$70.

5.  Fanciful & Colorful Socks by Stance and other brands – Stance prices start at $12.  These are $18.

6.  Headphones – Kids love them.  These Sol Republic headphones prices start at $65.

7.  The Kindle by Amazon is very popluar to use as a reader and for playing games.  Prices start at $99. The above deluxe model is $229.



2014 Splendidly Hot Christmas Wish List for Young Women – College Aged and Teens 

Christmas gift ideas for teen and college aged youn women

1.  Liquid Courage Lipsticks  – $18. each.

2.  Lush Handmade Cosmetics – Shower Jellies & Shower Smoothies $7. – $20. Pick an assortment.

3.  Michael Kors – Love the Watches – $175. – $275. and Chain Jewelry – $75. – $150.

4.  Mobile Phone Charger & Fanciful Iphone or Android Cases – I’m showing Kate Spade starting at $40. but there are many options.

5.  Leggings by Lululemon or Hue – prices start as low as $20.

6.  Over the Knee Boots & Fancy Biker Styled Low Boots – prices depend on brand but start as low as $50.

7.  Pajama Sets – starting at $20.  Widely available including at Victoria Secret, TJ Maxx and department stores.


2014 Splendidly Hot Christmas Wish List for Young Men – College Aged and Teens

Christmas gift ideas for  teen and college aged young men

1. Monster Mobile Power Card ~$40.  &  Mophie Juice Pack Iphone Charger Case ~$80.

2.  Graphic Tees with popular culture or sports themes are hot – Variety of price ranges from $20 -$40.

3.  Chronographic Watches – The Micheal Korsabove, but there are many more affordable options at prices from$120. up.

4.  Headphones – These Monster DNA are fresh and come in many colors. Prices start ~ $200.

5.  Skinny and Slim pants, especially jeans.  Levis in styles 510 – 514 are popular with prices ~$35.

6.  Cardiff Inline Skates help college students wiz around the campus.  These are a new breed of inline skates with more wheels that strap on your shoes and look cool too.  Priced at ~ $160.

7.  The new Nike Air Jordan X1 are really Retro Jordans being re-issued.  They’ll swoon over these buy at any Footlocker. Priced at ~$125.

8.  Graphic and Patterned BackPacks by SprayGround and other brands.  Prices for a well made one start ~ $50.



Presents wrapped in red & wht

Yes, gift cards are still great gifts for teens & tweens, but I hope you like my alternatives.

You too can become a gift giving rock star.  Happy Shopping!

Until next time …