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How To Merge His And Her Styles In A Room And Make It Beautiful.

Sometimes in life opposites attract.  But how do you merge styles and live beautifully when “His style is leftover bachelor” and “Her style is city chic”?


His Her Styled room by Jan Lockhart IDHis & Her styled room by interior designer Jane Lockhart

Big Bang TheoryPenny and Leonard may have the right formula for a spicy relationship but how would their home look?

The living room is an important space for a couple to merge styles and happily co-exist.  How do you do it when one partner wants comfort and the other wants high style?

Here are my tips to design a living room that works for both.

Go Tailored for a Sofa

Tailored is a man’s best friend (a woman’s also).  A tailored sofa allows him to get comfortable and it will always look good for her.  Remember this tip: If you buy a sofa with a zillion pillows across the back it will be a constant battle to keep it neat.  Avoid this by choosing a tailored sofa with a tight upholstered back.  Here are 2 execellent style options

Lampert Sofa Jonathan AdlerHe can take naps and this tailored sofa will look good without having to mess over it. Lampert sofa by Jonathan Adler.

Martine Sofa Hickory ChairHere’s another good napping sofa that will stay beautiful all the time.  Martine Sofa by Hickory Chair

Go Vintage for Chairs

Chairs are a great way to add personality to your space.  You can go bold in Shape, Color, or Texture.  Just choose for comfort.

Here are my design tips for buying vintage chairs:

  • Take the arm style of the sofa and coordinate it with your chairs to unify your look.
  • Shop together if you can so both of you test and agree. – Have some fun!
  • Be open to having them reupholstered.
  • You don’t have to buy a pair.  You can find similar styled chairs and have them upholstered in coordinating fabrics to make them work together.  That will help you pull-off an expert look.

Milo Baughman lounge chairs circa late 1950's. Mid-century modern

Mid-Century Modern styles are very popular and work well with a tailored sofa.

If the color doesn’t work or the chairs don’t match Reupholster!

Vintage Mod 1950's chairs

These vintage mod-styled circle chairs have loads of personality for the more artistic type (like me).

Go Big with Accessories

Accessories can make or break a room.  They are the perfect place to personalize.

  • Does he have a collection? Find a way to include a piece on the bookshelf.
  • Do you love girly stuff? How about adding pillows to create that mood.
  • You can find a place for that reunion picture  if you put it in a crystal frame.  Think about it you can make it work.

Here are more ideas.

Bicycles on DisplayDisplay something you use as art.  These bicyles look perfect and hip.

Collection of postersDisplay a collection of posters around a theme.  It’s inexpensive art, interesting and good looking.

Do you want to know how to complete the room?

Check back next Wednesday for Part 2 – The Finish. 

Until then …

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