Lessons for Blogging & Life from the 2014 BeBlogalicious Conference

Lessons Learned from the 2014 BeBlogalicious Conference held in San Antonio, Texas.

The Alamo San Antonio, TXThe Alamo – San Antonio, Texas

I’m just back from the 2014 BeBlogalicious conference for social media influencers, industry leaders and leading brands.  I’m brimming with ideas, inspiration and possibilities to share with you.  The BeBlogalicious mission is to elevate multicultural voices in digital media and this years’ theme was BeGreat.  Boy did they deliver!
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From the sponsors to the speakers and bloggers BeBlogalicious 2014 was a nonstop event full of people making connections and learning actionable steps to take your blog, business or personal brand to the next level.  As well, it was an awesomely inspiring 3 days.  The most difficult part of attending BeBlogalicious 2014 for me was not being able to attend every session.
I learned so much at BeBlogalicious 2014 its not possible for me to recap the entire weekend in this post.  So in the spirit of the conference theme BeGreat here are the top lessons I learned:
Lessons Learned from the 2014 BeBlogalicious Conference
  • Be Courageous – Learn to manage your fear because if you allow it, fear will always stop you from becoming great.  It’s a choice to listen to your fears.  Learn to disconnect the call from fear by Acknowledging it, Dismissing it – Then just keep moving ahead.  Learn more http://www.cherylempowers.
  • Be Still – If you want to get in touch with your passion or clarify your mission first you have to stop and clear your mind. Often women never take a break, get quiet and focus on ourselves.  Instead we fill every moment trying to complete that never ending to do list and easily miss what God is telling us because we don’t stop to listen.. We need to learn the Power of taking a Pause. Learn more at Tierra Ried
  •  Be Aware – Of what you need to let go of so you can embrace the greatness within you.  Do you have limiting beliefs that are planted in your head and talk you out of doing what you know you want to do?  Do you tell yourself it’s not possible to make the income you want instead of it is?  The first step is awareness, then you can learn how to change your mindset.  Learn more at Boni Candelario
  • Be Passionate but Monetize – When you’re trying to develop a product or service you can sell ask yourself – What’s the thing people want to pick your brain about or ask your advice about again and again?  Find a way to turn that into a product or service and you know you’re fulfilling a need. Learn more at Dr. Shanté Bishop  OR Ekene Onu.
  • Be an Unapologetic Promoter -You have to promote your offering and communicate your message.  If you are blogging to show your passion, personality and expertise, you must know how to tell the value of what you’re selling.  Manage your message, communicate it to the world,  and to make the sale you have to ask for it.  Learn more Tina Brinkley Potts
  • Be Persistent – When trying to work with brands remember this – A no today doesn’t mean a no forever.  Sometimes we give up to easily when we hit a bump in the road.  If you want to work with brands and you don’t have huge following you probably will have to go back again and again before you can get your foot in the door.  If it’s important to you be persistent.  Learn from Mamalicious Maria
  • Become an expert Storyteller – As a blogger you are the brand you’re building so learn how to tell your story in a compelling way. Why? It will make people remember you or your cause. Storytelling is also important because often sharing your experience is how people can connect to you. Watch Derreck Kayango‘s incredible business story. Learn how from Marshawn Evans
  • Be a Visionary but Make a Plan – Ideas are capitol in the making – People by products and services. In other words, you must learn to execute the idea to make money and become profitable. Learn more at Jessica Clark
  • Be a Blogger of your word:  If your goal is to work with brands remember: Under promise and over deliver.  Be the type of blogger (and person) through your actions a brand wants to work with.  Also, adhere to simple business standards such as be on time, follow through on what you promise and create a mutually beneficial relationship.
  • Be a Collaborator and I’ll add Be Humble:  One of the best experiences of this conference was that everyone was approachable and willing to share what they knew.  As my grandmother always said: “No matter how big your britches get always be willing to learn and be willing share.” After all blogging is community.
and lastly
  • Be Grateful – I am grateful to all the people I met, learned from and shared with at the BeBlogalicious 2014 conference.  And I’d like to especially thank Stacy Ferguson and the BeBlogalicious team for creating and maintaining a spirit of generosity at BeBlogalicious.
  If you are a multicultural blogger I encourage you to attend the next BeBlogalicious Conference.  In my opinion it is the conference not to miss.
I’d also like to thank the following speakers and sponsors for their generosity – You’re fabulous!
If I forgot anyone please forgive the oversight.

Melisa Alaba

Brooke Brimm

Gina Prince-Blythewood

Matt Cherry

Beatrice Clay

Harriet Cole

Sheila Bernus Dowd

Elayna Fernandez

Terence Gaines

Roni Jackson

Uneeka Jay

Amy Mascott

Deb Pfitzemaier

Issa Rae

Jennifer Ransaw-Smith

Divina Rodriguez

Ella Rucker

Lamman Rucker

Nae Staggs

Jermaine Spight

Stacy Taylor

Zoe Zeigler

Zandro Zuno

Claire Sulmers

Beyond the LightsMovie


Capitol Records



Liquid Courage Cosmetics


Monster Products


San Antonio Moms


The Grio


Wells Fargo

You can learn more about everyone at BeBlogalicious 2014

Claire Sulmer Fashion BombInterview with Claire Sulmers of The Fashion Bomb blog and new Toyota lifestyle ambassador.


Beyond the lights movie screeningWe had a private screening of the movie Beyond the Lights and an intimate talk with the director, Gina Prince-Blythewood.

The movie was excellent and the discussion was priceless.  Go see Beyond the Lights!

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