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Accents In Black That Make A Big Impact

Black accent wall

Do you have the burning desire to make a decorating change that will have a big impact but won’t break your budget?

Amp up you decorating by adding black as an accent color.  But do it in a more surprising way.  What do you mean?

Black as an accent color will change the mood of any room.  Black paired with pastels makes them more sophisticated.  Black reduces the intensity of bold colors, and Black with white or beige is a classic color palette.

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What’s new about black as an accent color today is the element of surprise it lends to an environment.  It can be graphic, masculine, sultry or whimsical.  The real question is if’ you’ll be bold enough to try it.

Here are 5 ways to add a surprise of Black that will definitely change the room and give your home a new attitude.  Best of all these ideas can be executed quickly and won’t cost very much.

1. Black Accent Walls


black-white-modern-chic-bedroom-with-canopyThe black wall and accent fabrics make this room so elegant.


Bedroom w black wall w trimPaint an aceent wall black and add a frame and motif with a stencil – all with paint.

2. Black Window Trim

Paris aptA coat of semi gloss black paint at the windows can make a huge difference.

Blk trim at windowsBlack trim is such a fresh look.  It’s as if you added big picture frames to the outdoors.

3.  Black Doors

black interior doorsInterior doors don’t have to be white.  Black doors are a simple but dramatic change.

black garage doorsThis change to black works well for garage doors too.

4.  Black Lacquered Walls

Powder room with glossy black wallsNothing says drama and elegance like black laquered walls.  A small powder room is perfect.


5.  Black Fabric Trim to premade curtains

white curtain with black pompoms2Inspire your curtains by adding black trim – it will take them to a whole new level.

black ribbon trimmed curtainsAdd ribbon trim for a tailored custom look to premade curtains or drapes.

On TV orange may be the new black but in decorating adding a punch of black in your trim, walls or doors will keep you perfectly on trend.  It not only looks beautiful with these methods it will be easy on your budget too.

So, are you ready to embrace the new black as an accent for your home?


Pink & black bedroom Teen Vogue


Black accents quote - I'll stop wearing black

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  • Jennifer Poole

    This Black and White issue is FABULOUS!!! Totally changed my mindset on color combinations. Love it!!!

    • Elle

      Thanks Jen,

      Glad you love it! Black and white color palette is an absolute favorite of mine too. Thanks for letting me know what you love.