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A Look At The Interiors of Empire, The Inner Sanctum Of Rich Urban Cool


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Okay, I love fabulous interiors, the more opulent the better and the interiors of Empire, the new hit TV show are a case study in rich, urban cool “surroundings”.   Empire, tells the story of Lucious Lyon, his music empire and the continuous dramas of the Lyon family.

The story is fiction but it’s giving us an upclose and personal view of the inner sanctum of a music mogul’s interior digs for the 1st time since Russell Simmons on MTV Crib’s.

So how do you set the stage to tell the story of family drama, wealth, revenge, sexual exploits, murder, and music? By staging interiors that bring storytelling to life at Empire’s headquarters and Lucious’s 18,000 square foot home as well as locations throughout NYC.

Each week Cookie, Lucious, Andre, Jamal and Hakeem create soap opera styled drama that makes fans want for more but I  can’t help but notice the home and office interior design.

I’ve highlighted some of the design methods that make the interiors of Empire a stand out and totally believable design fit.   It’s a rich, urban cool style you just might want to copy for your own home.

Come along as I take a closer look at the interiors of Empire.

Larger than life art makes a major statement in almost every scene on Empire.

EmpireBold artworks and a cocktail table that looks like tree branches paired adds surprise to Lucious Lyon’s living room.

Jamal with Michael Savoire artworkColorful, modern furniture and bold art compliment the spirit and youth of Hakeem Lyon.

Artwork Michael Saviore - Empire

Several large abstract artworks by emerging artist Michael Savoire have been featured on Empire this season.

Jamal & daughter's bedroom EmpireA fantasy bedroom fit for a little princess is complete with “dad” Jamal entertaining his daughter.

Visible symbols of success are everywhere – recognize

Solid gold records - EmpireWall of gold records set before a baby grand is the most coveted industry bling

Lucious Lyon The wall etched portrait let’s everyone know – Luscious Lyon is the only king of this castle.

the Boardroom at EmpireTVThe “Glass Walls” of the boardroom allow the workers to see the action and want to be apart of it.  Lucious holds the seat of power with an iron fist.

The Cookie Effect – Go Big or Go Home

Empire - Cookie & AnikaEverything about Cookie from her dress to her apartment says I’m here now deal with it.  Especially to Anika her arch nemesis. Empire - Cookie's officeCookie’s has already settled into her nemesis new office.  Lucious you are next.

Lucious, king of his self created jungle, is  Large & In charge

Lucious bedroom - EmpireLucious’s sexy bedroom is layered in sophisticated tones and designed to seduce any prey the king decides to concur.

Lucious office - EmpireLucious works and plays hard but always gets what he wants.  His office is a sexy play on contrast with dark woods, a velvet sofa, fur and graphic pillows, low lighting and of course abstract art.

Lighting sets almost any mood

Restaurant - EmpireChange in the lighting creates a confident, relaxing evening for Hakeem and Camilla.

A No Drama Zone to heal with music therapy

Empire music therapy

Hakeem and Jamal are genuinely concerned and support their brother Andre as he recovers from a bipolar disorder episode.

empire-hakeem-jamal finale

The hospital therapy center soft neutral hues and candles set a serene atmosphere for healing.

 I hope you’ve enjoyed a look at the interiors of Empire, the Inner Sanctum of Rich Urban Cool.

Cookie & Lucious Lyon of Empire

Until next time ….

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