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A Design Indulgence In Girly Glamourous Furniture

Are you ready for a Design Indulgence? 

I’d like to introduce you to furniture designer Janet Morais.  If you love glamourous, elegant and yes sexy furniture like I do, Janet is one designing lady after your heart.  I hope you will love her work; I am a big fan.

Janet designs “haute couture furniture”.  Every piece is a work of art.  She names her pieces titles such as “An Affair with Luxury”, “Divine Decadence” and “Kiss me, Love me, Spoil me”.  I say her work is a beautifully crafted fantasy.

Janet Morais titled this collection Love Happens take a look.




Mademoiselle Armoire in pink and gold

mademoiselle-armoireClose up of the Mademoiselle Armoire

eternity-chandelier-blkEternity chandelier with black crystals


Exotica dressing table

exotica-dressing-table-Exotica dressing table


guilt-mirror-Koket goldGuilt Mirror in gold

luridae-console-3 butter Koket

Luridae console with butterflies

luridae-console KoketThe handcrafted butterflies up close on the Luridae consolechandra-chair-Koket

Chandra chair

mistress-banquette KoketMistress banquette in hide


I hope you’ve enjoyed the visual feast of Janet Morais.  It’s the type of unique and beautiful furniture I adore.

Also, Janet designs a bespoke collection under the brand Koket for super high-end clients.  I can only image what that looks like.

Until next time …!

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