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From Drab to Fab: How to Transform A Wire Stool To A Vanity Seat


Leopard Ottoman before-after


If you have a vanity, it’s nice to have a nice seat right.  See how I transformed mine.

It was long overdue for this sad little stool to get a makeover.  I don’t know why it took me so long but it’s done now.

This makeover can be accomplished quickly with a few easy steps and materials.  All you need is a sturdy base to start with and your imagination.

It was an old movie that inspired me.  For some reason seeing Lana Turner put on her silk stockings at 1:00am on TCM made me want to transform my vanity stool.  Whatever the start, I’m pleased with the results and now I have a stylish and comfortable place to sit when I put on my socks.  It’s even big enough for my husband to sit on now too.

Here”s what I used and did:


  • Wire stool
  • One yard fabric
  • Plywood
  • Screws with nuts
  • Foam for a cushion


orig wire base for leopard RevMetal benches are easy to find and usually are inexpensive.

Tip: I always put booties on metal legs so the floor won’t get scratched up.

cutting wood for leopardCut a piece of plywood the size you want for the top.  I cut mine larger by about 2 inches on each side.

cut foam for leopard stoolMeasure and cut the upholstery foam to the wood size.

 I drilled holes in the wood to attach it to the metal base.  I secured the wood with nuts underneath.

wire base for leopard RevThis is what it will look like before you attach the cushion and fabric.


leopard start bottomMeasure the sides of the wood base – width and length.

Cut and finish your fabric panels for the skirt & cushion.  You can sew them or use fusible webbing and iron the skirt panels.

You will need to cover your cushion  separately.


leopard bottom sideStaple the skirt panels around the attached wood base.

leapard ottman cushionCover the foam seat cushion as you would a chair seat cover.  I added a piece of wood to make it easy to staple.

leopard ottoman finalI attached the cushion to the base with heavy duty velcro.  There are other methods but this worked to me.


leopard ottoman

Now I can sit  pretty at my vanity just like movie stars in those old movies do when they’re putting on their stockings.

Not a bad transformation for a piece of wood and a yard of fabric.

Any ideas about what you’ll transform?

Until next time …

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