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5 Lessons From The 2014 Kitchen Of The Year You Can Use At Home.

Brandon Barre blue-kitchenCalm, inviting and organized – reasons to love the NKBA 2014 Kitchen of the Year by Brandon Barre.

This kitchen has it all.  The NKBA 2014 Kitchen of the Year is a masterful design you will love!  All I can say is it’s just perfect and notice, this kitchen has no center island.

Are you the master chef of the neighborhood?

An entertainer extraordinaire?

Running your business from home preparing for your shark tank appearance?

Or maybe you’re saving the world from your kitchen?

No matter what your mission you probably spend a lot of time in your kitchen, especially if you’re raising a family.

Here are some lessons from the National Kitchen and Bath Association 2014 Kitchen of the Year you can apply to your home.  Even if you aren’t planning to do a total remodel, applying any of these ideas could help your time in the kitchen be more productive and enjoyable.

Lesson 1.  Great design begins with asking the right questions. 

A good kitchen has function; a great kitchen has function, beauty and serves the needs of all the regular users.  Most kitchen are designed to focus on the needs of the cook and what the kitchen will look like.  I say to achieve great design go further.

Ask: How can I enhance the family experience in this room?  Then add those features.  That’s what I love about this kitchen.  There are zones for everything.

A kitchen is the place where function is more important than beauty, did I just say that?  What makes this kitchen a winner is the perfect blend of both.

Lesson 2. Build in organization. You can create a place for everything.   Organization is the only way to tame the plethora of gadgets, small appliances, cooking utensils and food stuffs that are used daily in a kitchen.  The more you have, the greater the need to organize.  Otherwise you just might pull your hair out trying to find the roasting pan or pastry cutter you need now but only use a few times a year.

Instead of driving yourself crazy looking, just build in some organization to help yourself.  I’ve believe having an organized kitchen adds to the joy of cooking.



Brandon Barre blue-traditional-kitchen4 chalkThe chalkboard works for fun, play or a teaching space while (hopefully) dad is cooking :).

Lesson 3. Add features that help you live well.  Some people dream of adding a cappicino machine.  I say add something practical things like a desk or a chalkboard.  I’ve seen how a small thing can change your life.

Did you know there’s power in the desk? A desk in or near the kitchen allows you can have a watchful eye over your kids doing homework, manage task efficiently, and conduct business while getting dinner on the table.

Adding a chalkboard can work as a message central for the family or a play/create space for elementary school aged kids.  Those little ones can freely write on the wall and you’re stress free.



Brandon Barre pink_blue-traditional-kitchenBrandon Barre’s pink & blue lounge area in kitchen is an inviting place for anyone to hang out.

4. If possible, add a comfy space to lounge.  Since we live in the kitchen why not make it as comfortable and welcoming as possible?   I love the banquet in this design I can see a family hanging out there.

If you don’t have the space but have an island how about adding really comfortable bar stools?  Do whatever you can to facilitate comfort and conversation in the room people naturally hangout in.  It’s amazing the magic that can happen when people, food and a comfortable space come together.

5. Select a color that’s timeless and dress it up with accents. Cabinets are the main furniture in the kitchen and this beautiful blue is a neutral that will stand the test of time.  The blue is calm and it comes to life with pops of pink and white that can be changed without major expense.  Select a neutral you love.  Neutrals do not have to be boring.  Just remember to color it beautifully.



Brandon Barre blue kitchen deskThe mini office desk area with painted black bamboo chairs is set up for everyday tasks with comfort.

 This 2014 Kitchen of the Year is Pretty Amazing!

I hope you will find a way to incorporate some of these ideas in your home.

If I had kitchen envy, this would be on my list of Top 10.  Can’t wait until NKBA reveals the 2015 winner.

Until next time ….


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