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Details That Matter: Hardware Jewelry For Your Drawers & Doors


Klaus Franz cabinetKlaus Franz cabinet and custom hardware


It’s all about the hardware.

Finishing touches can make a huge difference to a kitchen cabinet refinish or a furniture redo.  Make an investment by upgrading your knobs, pulls and hinges with some of the latest hardware.  Hardware can turn a plain furniture item into a standout people will admire.  There are options to fit every imagination or style.  Are you willing to try something different?

Here are some ideas to consider if you want to try something outside of the traditional big box store varieties.  These designs are beautiful enough to where as jewelry.  Which ones do you prefer?

Framed agate knobsBlue Agate stones with brass trim


Sea cave knob

Goede knobsAgate Knobs in a variety of colors by Anthropologie

Knickel knobs BigBaangBoom“Strings” Jewel-toned antique nickel pulls and knobs by Big Bang Boom

Cabinet pulls Susan GoldstickCabinet pulls by Susan Goldstick

Hearts color BigBangBoomHeart knobs set in nickel trim by Big Bang Boom

ther and bronze or silver knobsSilver and bronze with leather pulls and knobs by Turnstyle Designs

Brass Knobs

1, 2, 3.  Celtic Isle Brass Designs from Notting Hill Hardware

4. Brass Japanese Bamboo knob by Look in the Attic

5. Turnkey knob by Anthropologie

6. Leather & Brass door pulls by Anthropologie

7.  Chloe dog tieback by Anthropologie

City of lights knobWow, there are even knobs to celebrate your favorite places.

So the next time you paint a dresser or have the kitchen cabinets refinished think twice about the hardware you use for dressing.

There are so many options to turn the ordinary into something extraordinary.

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