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Design Trends: A Spotlight on Gypset Style


Marianne Fassler dress knit cuff


If you are looking for fresh inspiration for your home decor how about Gypset Style, the new Bohemian Chic.

Gypset style is described as the “jet set + gypsy”.  Gypset style often uses tribal patterns and colors as design inspiration in fashion and home decor.  The style is meant to entice you to explore new cultures whether you travel to them or not.

I believe Gypset style is the new Bohemian Chic.  It will strike a chord with those who embrace individuality.  Gypset is a fusion of the abstract, nomadic and handmade.  If you’re a traditionalist, Gypset style might make you feel like you woke up in a bad dream.  Yet for the individualist, Gypset Style like Bohemian Chic, will speaks to your soul.

Whether you choose to embrace Gypset style or not, Gypset will strongly influence both our color palette and how we use patterns this fall.

Here’s a preview of how “Gypset Style” is being interpreted in fashion and decor from two continents.

First, in fashion design from South Africa. The style of Marianne Fassler.

Marianne-Fassler-portraitSouth African Fashion Designer – Marianne Fassler

Marianne Fassler is a fashion icon in South Africa who’s spent two decades designing under the label Leopard Frock based out of Johannesburg. Her work is a fusion of color and pattern that’s always unique and never disappoints.

Marianne Fassler fall 2014 Play on pattern by Marianne Fassler, Fall 2014

MarianneFassler patterned Batik dressMulticolored and muted batik patterned dress by Marianne Fassler.

Fassler resort 2015 tribal inspired dresses Classic tribal patterns inspired these dresses from Marianne Fassler’s resort 2015 collection.

Zulu inspired sandals MarianneFassler resort 2015Zulu sandals and prints from Marianne Fassler’s resort 2015 collection

Wedding gown Marianne FasslerEven the wedding dress is layers of pattern and color.

One of the things I like most about Marianne Fassler is how she celebrates and appreciates the work of the craftspeople who have helped her develop her design style in her business.  She employs a team of 8 craftspeople who have been part of her business most since the very beginning.  They’ve been known to show up in her runway shows too.

Team of Marianne Fassler1The gifted, hardworking crafts people behind the Marianne Fassler brand.

MarianneFassler team on runwayLove their runway appearance in 2014.

Marianne says her collections are made for women who love individuality, identity, craftsmanship and diversity in their wardrobe.  I believe those same principles apply to designing a home plus a healthy dose of love.  You can see more from Marianne Fassler here.

Now, a look at Gpyset Style with Bokja Designs.


Bokja lounge chair - Tom Price classic design

Bokja Designs in a classic Tom Price lounge chair design.


Bokja Designs is a furniture company from Lebanon.  The company is becoming a go to authority in Gypset style.  Bokja’s furniture is made by hand with meticulous attention and love for detail.  Each piece is inspired by the tribal heritage of the people of Lebanon.

I describe Bokja as familiar furniture shapes paired with the cloths of the homeland, assembled like a collage of cultures.  The designs are very unique.  You can see the complete line at Bokja Designs.


Bokja bench

Bokja bench using colorful tribal patterns

Bokja round arm chairLove this round arm chair by Bokja Designs

1960's MJ sofa by Bokja designsGreat sofa celebrating 1960’s cultural icons.  A Bokja custom design.

I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing what’s going on in South Africa and Lebanon.  Also, I’d love to hear what you think abouut Gyset Style?

Until next time …

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