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Great and Affordable Original Art For a Kid’s Room

Do you need some art pieces for your children’s room that reflect who they are? 

I’m working on a project designing a child’s bedroom and was looking for some artwork that reflected my young client.  I ran across the works of this artist on etsy.  She sells originals by request and some very sweet prints that anyone can afford.  I liked her work immediately and loved her prices. It’s so important for children to see positive images of themselves to help shape their self image and often, it’s  difficult to find artwork featuring kids of color and kids from different cultures so I thought I’d share with you.

The artist is Beatrice Ajayi.  She was born in Nigeria and lives in Glasgow, United Kingdom.  She is a Fine Artist and Illustrator.

Take a look at her work,  I think they capture the sweet innocence of little ones and make adults smile.

Boy w glasses Beatrice AjayiBoy with glasses by Beatrice Ajayi

Girl doing handstand by Beatrice AjayiGirl doing handstand by Beatrice Ajayi

Girl portrait withcoils in hair B AjayiGirl portrait by Beatrice Ajayi

Twin sisters best friends forever B AjayiTwin sisters best friends forever by Beatrice Ajayi

Girl in Owl hat B AjayiGirl in owl hat Beatrice Ajayi

Original painting boy B AjayiBaby Boy an original painting by Beatrice Ajayi

I know these artworks will look wonderful on the walls of any child’s room and they are very affordable for the budget conscious.  My client has spent a good amount on other items in the room so it’s nice to find a lovely solution that saves some money.

You can find Beatrice Ajayi’s works on etsy at Hyssoparts .  Let me know if you like her work?

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