Holiday Decorating

Simple Ideas To Dress Your Holiday Table & Make It Pretty


The holiday dinner table is the place we gather to share memories, indulge in our favorite foods  and bond with loved ones.  Since the table is such an important connection point I say why not make it a place of beauty.

When my family eats Christmas dinner we are usually in sweatpants or lounge clothes but the table is always dressed to impress.   I love to set the table early in anticipation of what will happen when everyone comes together, blesses the Lord and shares a glorious meal.

Elle's Christmas tablescape 2014

There are many reasons why I dress the table:

1.  Sharing a meal connects us and it makes us happy.

2.  My sons learn how to set the dinner table.  I believe it’s important for them to learn how to eat in a formal setting.

3.  As I cook the meal they hang around the kitchen sometimes long enough to learn how to cook something new.

4.  It makes the dining room sparkle.  A dressed table makes the room look nice when people visit.

5.  I love to do it and I smile everytime I see it.

6.  A beautifully dressed table makes food taste better.  You could bring food home from a restaurant if that’s easier for you.  No one said you had to cook it.  I promise the setting will make the food taste better, or is that just me?

7.  Someone else will do the dishes because they’re so thankful.  No one will dare ask you to do them.

BoxesGift wrapped boxes make great inexpensive decor.


My Christmas table this year is a mix of mostly old and a bit of new.

  • The tablecloth is a velveteen scarf trimmed in long fringe.
  • The dishes are black glass plates paired with my mother’s wedding china. I used two chargers for effect, beaded and gold.
  • The napkins are a damask patterned cotton and I tied them with silver ribbon.   I used my wedding silverware.
  • I used fake flowers so they wouldn’t wilt and plants I cut from my yard.
  • I took candleholders from another room.
  • I gift wrapped boxes and I used silver Christmas ornaments in a bowl to add some bling.
  • The angel is a treetopper, so pretty I just couldn’t leave it in the store.
  • No stress – If little ones are at the table make modifications to keep everyone comfortable.  See tips below.

Here is a look at my holiday table.

Elle's layering a place setting This year, my dinner table is a mix of old and new including my mother’s wedding china.

I believe in using what you have I used Christmas ornaments and ribbon for napkin rings.


Add bling to your holiday table with ornamentsI added some bling to the tablescape by including ornaments in a bowl and the angel treetopper.

Protect your dining chairs and make them prettyMake your chairs a special lift by adding a fabric cuff and tying it on with wire ribbon.  This is also good for protecting your fabric chairs from little hands if that’s an issue.  Also, I put a towel in the chair seat for little kids.  Everyone instantly becomes more comfortable.


Elle's Christmas dinner table   You can create a luxe look in your place settings by layering plates and chargers.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the look and my tips. Whatever your family Christmas dinner traditions are I hope your table is lovely table and you enjoy a wonderful meal with people you love.

Remember,  “Laughter is brightest in the place where the food is.”

Come back soon to see my Christmas tree!

Until next time ….

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