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DIY: How To Make A Magnolia Christmas Wreath

There’s a beautiful Magnolia tree in my front yard ripe for a little pruning to give me the wonderful making for a Magnolia Christmas wreath.

Magnolia wreath by Splendid Habitat


Magnolia trees are as southern as pecan pie or cornbread.  Did you know Magnolia is the state flower of Mississippi and Louisiana?

The tree has beautifully glossy leaves year-around and depending on your plant variety, it blooms flowers of white, pink, red, purple, or yellow when in season.

Since there’s a huge flowering Magnolia tree a few steps outside my door I decided to make a Magnolia Christmas wreath.  It was super simple to do and cost me almost nothing to make.  I love the results and hope you can get your hands on some Magnolia leaves to make one too!

Here’s what I used and did to make the wreath.  It really was very easy to do.

How To Make A Magnolia Christmas Wreath

Supplies you will need:

  • One premade wreath (can buy in a craft store)
  • Magnolia Leaves – for a lush looking wreath you will use approx 150 leaves
  • Floral wire
  • Wire cutters
  • Twine

Instructions to make a wreath:

Step 1.  Mother nature provided the magnolia leaves.  After pruning I took the leaves off the branches and made a pile.  

Cutting Magnolia leaves for wreath

Step 2.  I cut floral wire about 5 inches long to create leave bundlles.  I couldn’t find my wire cutters so I used an old nail clipper.

Wreath making supplies SH

Step 3.  I made lots of bundles using 3 leaves and twisting with wire to secure. 

twisting wire on leaves

Step 4.  I cut my twine the length of the wreath circle form.  Then I started attaching the leaf bundles to the twine one by one. 

I’d lay a leaf bundle on the twine then wrap with wire and repeat over and over.   

magnolia leaves for wreath The leaves on the twine will look like a boa of leaves instead of feathers.

Step 5.  I purchased a twig wreath form but you could use any type (foam or wire) or make your own form. 

Twig wreath form

Step 6.  I cut longer floral wire then laid the leaf boa on the wreath form and wrapped the wire around the boa keeping the wire hidden under the leaves.  This secured the leaves to the wreath form. 

Another method would be to use a glue gun.  Since my materials were natural, using wire was the best option. 

Leaves on wreath form

I attached the leaves on the twine to the wreath form by wrapping it with the floral wire.

Attach magnolias to wreath form

Step 7.  I attached a ribbon to hang and it’s ready to beautify.  It’s brilliantly gorgeous too! 

Magnolia wreath by Splendid Habitat

I guess I’ll find out how long the leaves will stay shiny.

Are you ready to make your’s?  I’d love to know how it turns out.

Want more ideas for Magnolia leaves Christmas decor?  There’s great ideas at

Until next time …

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