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Fabulous Faux Fur Style Ideas To Warm Up Your Winter


Faux Fur Fabulous style for home - Splendid Habitat

Get warm and cozy with this winter with Fabulous Faux Fur Style.  Faux Fur is look good, feel good luxury without the high price tag or ethical guilt; and that makes it Fabulous!

Baby it’s cold outside! Faux Fur will make the chilly nights warm and fuzzy.

Advances in technology have created some high-quality faux fur materials that convincingly rivals real fur.  High end fashion designers like Nina Ricci, Michael Kors Dries van Noten and many others have creating faux fur styles to covet that are Tres Chic!

If you want to elevate your home luxury, it may be time to get your fantastic faux fur on and be ready before the weather is a total chill.

Here are some of my favorite and fabulous faux fur comforts to add to your home or personal styling.

Wrap yourself in a faux fur blanket

White textured faux fur throw - Warm & Fuzzy

There’s nothing like cuddling up under a faux fur blanket.  The color options and fur type are endless.
Warm & Fuzzy bedroom RH

Smokey grey faux mink blanket

Faux fur blanket - warm & fuzzy


Leopard accents in bedroom

Ombre faux fox throw paired with a leopard chair – Delightful!

Ribbed Mink faux fur throws - Warm & Fuzzy Ribbed faux Mink throws anyone? Choose your color.

Let your feet warm up in a fur-like rug

Wedding Blanket - Warm & FuzzyAfter you’ve cozied under this Moroccan Wedding Blanket run your toes throw this furry rug.

Morroccan rugs - warm & fuzzy decor

Nubby wool and rag rugs are another cozy fur like options.

White rugs - warm & fuzzy These soft textured rugs in wools and synthetics will give you the fur like feel on your feet.

Add some furry flavor with a faux fur bench or stool

Warm & Fuzzy bedroom stools

Modern living room with faux fur, lucite and velvet

Elle's DIY furry OttomanLearn to make your own furry stool following my DIY guide.

More Indulgent options

Want the ultimate?  How about some furry furniture

Fur sofa - Horchow Warm & Fuzzy

This fur sofa is from the Horchow catalog.  It’s a beauty but I wouldn’t want to maintain or clean it.

Faux fur pillows are a more attainable and better option.  They are available in every color of the rainbow.

Fur pillows - warm & fuzzy

Faux lambskin and faux shearling pillows

Faux Fur pillows RH - warm & fuzzy


Get the faux fur look with feathers

Ostrich Feather Pillow - Warm & FuzzyLove this Ostrich feather pillow that simulates the look of fur.

And what a perfect house warming gift

faux fur wine bags - warm & fuzzya faux fur wine covers

 If you prefer to wear your faux fur here are a few of my favorites

Orange faux fur coat - Warm & FuzzyLovely Orange faux fur coat by Haute Pursuit

Faux Fur coat fabulous - warm & Fuzzy styleI’m loving these colorful Faux fur coats.  How about you?

Carolina Amato Fingerless - warm & fuzzy

Carolina Amato fingerless faux fur gloves

Faux fur mink sack handbag - warm & fuzzy

Faux Fur Hobo bag

Do you now have a furry favorite yet? Which one?

Fur fashion accessories - Warm & FuzzyThat’s how you walk away in furry style!

Until next time …

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