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Easy To Create Bookcases From Boxes

When You Can’t Find What You Want – Make It Yourself

I’ve been looking for a new bookcase to add to my office redesign and wanted something highly functional and attractive.  I needed a bookcase with extra deep shelves to accomodate some of the project items I work with regularly.  I was surprised at how difficult it was to find, especially at a price I wanted to pay.

My solution was to create my own by converting storage boxes I found at a thrift store into a bookcase by stacking them and securing them together with brackets in the back.  The boxes were made of plywood which made them an excellent choice for the conversion because this bookcase will serve as a workhorse in my office.

Here’s what I did to create my new bookcase.

IMG_1958Here’s the finished bookcase that’s been secured with brackets at the back.

I added decorative panels in the back covered with wallpaper.



bkcs bottomI found 2 wood shelve boxes that were perfect for creating my custom bookcase.  Also, they were so much easier to take home.


Hand sander

Sand paper – Medium grit

Sanding block

Rustoleum Ultra-Cover Latex Paint in semi-gloss

Primer with a stain blocker

Paint brushes

Baseboard trim

Hand saw & Hammer

Wood glue

Tacking  nails

sset of 4 casters (optional)


 Sanding the bookcase boxesI sanded the inside and outside of the 2 boxes except the back which I wasn’t going to paint.  Next vacuum or brush out the sand dust.

attach casters on bookcaseI added 4 casters to the bottom of the box I would use as the bookcase base because I wanted to be able to easily move the bookcase around.

4 casters on bookcaseIf I were doing it over I would have placed the casters in the corners instead of the pattern I chose.

bkcs bottom w casters

supplies bookcase trimPrepare to attach trim if you desire.  I used baseboard trim from the hardware store.

baseboard trim Simply measure and cut.

adding trim to the bookcase topAttach to the upper box sides and front with liquid nails and tacking nails.

bkcs top viewLet the glue dry completely.

bkcs paint 1st coatI primed the boxes and let them dry completely.

When dry if there were any rough areas I sanded them out with a sanding block.


Priming the bookcaseI painted a 1st coast and let it dry completely.

Painted bkcse bottom I waited atleast 24 hours before I painted the 2nd coat.  I wanted a very durable finish for the bookcases.

bkcs wallpaper tapingI added interest to the back of the bookcases by covering foam core with wallpaper.

Wallpaper 2 typesI used wallpaper but you can use gift wrap or any paper large enough.  It’s temporary so you can change your mind anytime.

Bookcase finished whiteHere’s the finished bookcase.  I like, I like!

Bookcase final stagedIt will be fully functional in my office and portable too!

Now, go forth and create your own.  Have fun concurring! 

Love, Elle