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From Drab To Fab: My DIY Chalk Paint Chair


I have a new love – Chalk Paint!

I was kind of skeptical when I started this project because eventhough chalk paint is very popular these days I wasn’t sold.  It only took one day for me to become a fan.   Chalk paint is so easy to use.  What’s amazing about it – I don’t think it’s possible to mess it up.    Believe me, you can redo a piece of furniture beautifully with chalk paint.

Here are the steps I used to transform this chair.

IMG_1871My thrift store chair find had seen better days.

IMG_1874Remove the seat cushion and examine the chair.   Make any repairs that are needed now.

I had to re-glue the side slats into the back to make the chair stable.

sanding chair with blockGiven your piece a light sanding then clean off the dust with a vaccum or brush.  Now, you are ready to paint.

Prepare the Chalk Paint

I decided to make my own chalk paint using easy to find products available at your local hardwarde store.

supplies to make chalk paint

Elle’s Chalk Paint Recipechalk paint mix 1Mix the water and plaster together then mix it into the paint.

IMG_1904Use a nice nylon brush that can be cleaned and used again and again.


IMG_1906Let the paint completely dry.  If you need to paint a second coat.

chair seat Remove the old fabric from the seat cushion.

IMG_1913I added more batting to the cushion before recovering it.  I like a comfortable seat.

seat cushion recoverI used the old seat fabric as a pattern to cut my new fabric.  I bought a remnant.  It took only took 5/8 yards of fabric.

seat cushion holeLeave the screw holes exposed to easivy reattach the seat securely to the chair.

IMG_1937If you like a distressed look give the chair a light sand.  It gives your new chair an aged look.

Clean off the sand dust (I use a damp cloth) then let it completely dry.


IMG_1939Give your chair a durable finish with either polyurethane or wax.

I chose to apply wax.  Youu can use a brush or a cloth.  Let it dry as per the wax instructions.  Buff with a clean brush or cloth.

IMG_1944There you go.  You can do it too!  

I think it looks pretty good!  What do you think?