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Sewing Magic: Make A Fun Textured Pillow

Here’s a fun and quick pillow idea I made from a $10. Ikea rug.

I was walking through Ikea and spotted these rugs as soon as I reached the top of the stairs.  The texture drew me to them.  When I touch them I was sold.  They’re soft, colorful, washable and the perfect size to make pillows I thought.  So I did!

It was super simple and inexpensive.  Anyone who can sew a straight line can do it. The entire project cost $31.00 for two pillows!

Here’s what I did:

Ikea RugsWho said they had to be rugs?  I saw it very differently.


  • One Ikea bath rug- $10.
  • Thread
  •  1/2 to 3/4 yard of fabric for back of pillows.  You could use a coordinating or a contrasting fabric ~ $7.
  • Velcro (Optional)
  • 2 pillow forms – $14.  (bought from Ikea)

Step 1:  Fold the rug in half and cut down the center to have 2 pillow fronts.  You will have 2 rectangular pillow shapes. 

Step 2:  Cut fabric for the pillow backs the same size.    If you want to make a pillow case style as I did before you cut add 2 inches to the long side of the pillow back.

Step 3:  Pin the front and back together with the wrong side of the fabric out.  Sew around the pillow edges about 1/2 inch in and leave an open edge to insert the pillow form.  Turn the pillow outside in.  Insert the pillow form into your pillow, then sew up the open side by hand. 

Step 4:  Repeat steps for second pillow.

green pillow Ikea rug

I used a chenille like fabric on the back of my pillows.  This way I made two pillows out of one $10. rug.

Pillow back ikea rug splendidhabitat.comI made a pocket pillow with a velcro closure on the back.  This way the pillow cover can be washed.

green-blue pillows on bed

I think they look great, feel good and were easy on the wallet too!   There’s a good selection of colors available at any Ikea.

I’m using them in a kids room because of their fun texture and durability.

So, tell me – What do you think?