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From Drab to Fab – Transforming A Dresser with Paint

I Love Transformations

This dresser was an absolute eyesore that had seen better days.  But I could tell there was a jewel beneath it all.  I’m so glad I decided to take on the job of reviving my freebie from a relative.  Just look at the results.  

Before & After painted dresser

I get such a charge out of making ugly beautiful.  Transforming this dresser was so easy to do.  All you need is a few basic supplies, some sweat equity, and creativity.  Here’s what I did:

Staining supplies for dresser


Supply List:

  • Hand Sander – I use an electric one because it’s so much quicker, but you could use a hand sand block.
  • Sand paper – I used 120 grit
  • A hand sand block
  • Wood glue & wood fill
  • Min Wax Poly Shade – a combo stain with polyurethane
  • Paint tray, roller and a good brush
  • Rags, paper for clean up

Optional Supplies

  • Remnant wallpaper, rolls of giftwrap or contact paper
  • Cutting tool

 IMG_0448As you can see this dresser was not in good condition.  First, I repaired chips and glued a drawer that needed it.

Step 1 – Look over your furniture piece and use wood fill and wood glue to make needed repairs. 

Sanding top of dresser

sanding drawersStep 2 – Sand the drawers and dresser base. 

Your goal is to remove the varnish and create a rough edge.

sanding 2

Step 3 – Brush off the dust and take a rag and clean off your piece before starting to stain.  If I was using paint         I would apply a primer first.

painting 1st coatI used a paint roller for that first coat, but I switched to a paint brush because it created a smoother finish I like.

Step 4 – Let the stain (paint) completely dry.  Once dry, I actually do a light sanding with the sand block over the pieces and wipe them down again.  Then I stain over it again.   I do this because I like a smooth professional looking finish.

Drawers to dresser painted

Step 5 – I let everything dry for 24 hours after applying my last coat of stain.  Then you’re done. 

(Optional) Step 6 – Measure the inside of the drawer where you want the paper and cut to size. 

Use double-stick tape or glue to adher your paper to the inside of the drawer. 

dresser with wallpaperI was so pleased with the results I decided to line the drawers as well.  I used wallpaper but other options include gift wrap, contact paper or brown paper you wrap packages with if you like a natural look.

dresser drawer with wallpaperResults: From Ugly Duckling to a Pure Beauty!

Beautiful finish on painter dresser

 So, what ugly duckling do you want to transform?  I’m already on the hunt for my next piece to transform.