In A Season of Change, What Are You Wishing For?

The leaves have turned and the air is crisp, fall is in full bloom.  The beauty and natural change that occurs in fall makes it a perfect time to refresh of your hopes and desires as well as your home.

If you’re facing some challenges right now like me – this post is for you.  Or if life’s perfect right now maybe this post will help fuel your fire even higher.  No matter what your situation, everyone can use inspiration and encouragement.

I hope these words speak to you as I leave you with a question … and I promise to get back to my usual design feast tomorrow.


Season of change - Elle

What do you want?  Love, Success, To Be Happy, Security, etc.

It all begins with Taking A Risk.  All I ask is that you love yourself as you go on your journey.

My mother always said – It’s not the destination you reach, it’s who you become on the journey.

Love and Hope - Maya Angelou

Worry & Faith


Doubt kills



Decide you want it - Bill Cosby

Negative people

Take for granted



For a cause

Wizard of Oz As you follow your own yellow brick road, believe and stay encouraged.  Also, let someone else know – You believe in them.

Create a life - Elle

Until next time …

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