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Creating Magic with Indigo Blue

Indigo, that rich, beautiful, deep blue. It is considered the color purest in meaning.   Very few colors have evoked such mystery and magic.   For almost 5000 years from Africa to India throughout Asia and Europe Indigo has been a prized and valuable pigment.  Natives of India and Africa where the first to use it for artistic adornment and in textile dying.  Europeans considered it as blue gold and introduced it to America with the slave trade.  Because indigo pigment is a   As textile manufacturing grew Indigo became a coveted trade resource and source for building wealth of colonial empires in Europe, Africa and America.

Using Indigo can create a luxurious look in interiors creating natural fluid movement, romance, and a calm yet exotic backdrop to any room.  Here are a few rooms that to mind for me.  Which do you prefer?

casual indigo living roomPlayful textures in this Living Room in Indigo and Gray tones

Living room indigo in Milan, italyMilan living room in Indigo by Paola Navone

Indigo bedroom House & Home UKCasual Indigo Bedroom from House & Home UK

Ralph Lauren bed linensIndigo bed linens by Ralph Lauren

Indigo powder roomIndigo adds a special drama to this Powder room

Living room Indigo Amanda NisbetTone on Tone Indigo Living room by Amanda Nisbet

indigo sky over Kura, Costa RicaIndigo Sky over Costa Rica

Indigo has been a source of beauty and inspiration for a wide range of products in home and fashion most notably our beloved blue jeans.  When used as accent or in full force Indigo the ability to transform a space into a moment.

The impact of using indigo can be magical in a room as if it gives a room soul.

If you wish to learn more about the origins and history of indigo consider these resources:

Book - Indigo C. MckinleyBook – Indigo: In Search of the Color that Seduced the World by Catherine E. McKinley

Book - Indigo-color-changed-world C. McKinleyBook -Indigo: The Color that Changed the World by Catherine Legrand