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Ideas To Wow Your Home With Chair Rail Molding

Do you know know there’s power in the chair rail?  Yes, inexpensive chair rail molding and a little creativity can transform your plain jane  surfaces into detailed accents that wow.  And it’s fairly easy to do.

Take a look at ideas to see what a few dollars and some paint can do with simple inexpensive chair rail and other decorative moldings.

Use chair rail trim over wallpaper

Molding trim on walls - Upgrade w molding ideas

Molding trim was placed on walls over grasscloth wallpaper

chair rail molding on ceiling

Chair rail molding used on the ceiling over grasscloth wallpaper

Chair rail trim as a frame overlay 


Chair rail molding in a diamond pattern layered over mirrored doors


Chair rail molding in a boxed cross pattern beautifully adorn once plain doors.

Create Decorative patterned accents

flat molding accents on staircase

Flat molding used to create accents on staircase

Chair rail molding as decorative ceiling accent

Chair rail and other moldings create a decorative ceiling accent

Geometric Molding trim on wall

Trim molding in a flat geometric pattern on wall

Use molding trim as a frame

Molding as picture frame

Decorative molding was used to frame wallpaper as oversized art.

“Picture Frame” molding can frame a large bathroom mirror too!

decorative molding trim typesThere are numerous decorative molding trim options

If you are looking for great ways to jazz up a plain jane surface in your home chair rail molding or other decorative moldings are inexpensive and easy to use.  So let’s get started.

What will you transform?  I’d love to know.

Until next time …

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