Great Denim Style In Fashion And At Home

I’m having a Denim Moment and I’d like you to share it with me.

Denim Chic Style at home

Like most of America I love denim jeans.  What’s not to love – It’s classic, comfortable, can be dressed up chic or comfortably cool, and they are as iconic as apple pie.

Denim jeans, along with the T-shirt are the most universally accepted clothing items in the world. They’re a favorite must cross-culturally and cross generationally  So why not embrace the beloved denim at home?

Here’s my 5 fab fall denim fashion trends and some denim home furnishing items to make Denim Chic a part of your style at home.

James Long denim men'sJames Long men’s denim patchwork

Denim jean sofa

Jean patchwork denim sofa & pillows

Tom Ford Denim Chic coat & pant

Denim inspired coat and jean skirt by Tom Ford

Stella McCartney denim patchwork clutch

Stella McCartney denim patchwork clutch

Ralph Lauren denim paintRalph Lauren denim blue paint

Tom Ford Fall 2015 - denim chic

Tom Ford denim color-block jeans

Denim midcentury lounge chair - designsponge


Vintage denim midcentury lounge chair via Design Sponge

Ksubi-Denim Flare Jeans - Denim chic

 Ksubi-Denim Flare Jeans

Denim chambray setteeDenim chambray custom settee

Those are my picks for s denim style story at home and in fall fashion.  How about you? Would anything above make you have a denim moment?

Also, did you know the average women owns 8 pairs of jeans?

Well, let’s just say my number makes me above average, and yes, I’m still shopping for the perfect pair.

Until next time …

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  • Jamala

    That last chair, my jaw dropped.. I love that in denim…this was a quite interesting post.. And I once had the perfect jeans.. Too bad I gained weight and ruined it.. I keep around for my momentum

    • Elle

      Thanks Jamala,
      Happy to make your jaw drop! You must share my love for the unusual & beautiful. I have a pair of jeans I won’t let go of either. Find another way to use them like some of the ideas in this post.

      Keep the momentum going!