Holiday Decorating

Decorating a Natural Mantle

I decided to decorate the mantle this year with natures palette of greens and browns with red accents.  I used lovely Magnolia leaves, Pine and Fraser fir branches.  It’s natural, beautiful and has that wonderful scent of Christmas.  I just love to bring the outdoors in at Christmas time.  If you must have red consider using holly leaves with the berries. Since I wanted an earthy look I used the Magnolia leaves.  Almost everything came from my yard and it was so simple to do.   I just love Georgia!

Greenery & branches

Begin near the ends of the mantle and start laying greenery branches towards the center.

Continue to layer greenery branches from each side.

I mixed Fraser fir and Pine branches until the mantle was covered.

Pine cones on garland

Lay pine cones on the branches as you desire.  Add the Magnolia leaves.

decorating the mantle

As a final touch I added burgundy Poinsettia flowers to have a little bit of color

(if you want more color consider using artificial flowers)

Magnolia Christmas mantle natural