Color Palette

Color Palette: Decorating with Jewel Tones

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Emerald green, Sapphire blue, Amethyst purple, Topaz yellow, Ruby red, Tourmaline green, and Turquoise blue when I think about the jewel-tones visions of beauty dance through my mind. 

Regal, Romantic, and Distinctive are the results of a room or an outfit done in jeweltones.   Billy Baldwin, legendary interior design said it best:

“There is magic…in the deep-jewel-colored room, warm and mysterious, where you discover its many beauties as you sit, seduced slowly. “

I can’t help but agree with the legend.  Jewel-tones as inspiration for interior design are a formula for magic to happen.  Take a look at the magical palette and style jewel-tones can create.

Amethyst color is meant to evoke a sense of calm and healing, patience and balance.  I love the use of Amethyst in this library and the bedroom below.

Library Purple - Lindsey Coral HarperA lovely library saturated in a high gloss Amethyst by designer Lindsey Coral Harper

purple bedroom Amanda NisbetLayers of purple and Amethsyt tones and textures work beautifully in this bedroom by Amanda Nisbet

Tourmaline is considered the “gem of the rainbow” because this complex gem has a variety of colors from red to green and from blue to yellow.

Turquoise is an ancient color of history dating back to Egypt and Persia.  Sapphire blues is known for it’s intensity and is most relates to the Greek origins.  Both are boldy beautiful in home decor.

Blue velvet sofa in LRThe deep Turquoise blue in the sofa paired with the variety of blue hues in the ottoman, wall and accessories express the beauty of this gem.

Blue mirror & marble sink Amanda NisbetA beautiful jeweled marblized sink and Sapphire mirror by Amanda Nisbet.

city-by-the-sea-Amanda NAmanda Nisbet calls this Sapphire washed room her City by the Sea

bedroomLove the simplicity of the Amethsyt and deep turquoise in this bedroom.

Topaz is a gem of a wide variety from Brazilian Topaz, the yellow brown color we know to Blue Topaz, the state color for Texas, to Pure Topaz which is colorless.    Emerald was the 2013 color of the year you can learn more about this color here.

Green & gold A Nisbet LRThe green and gold accents together bring Topaz to my mind by Amanda Nisbet.

Copper tubThe copper bathtub evokes a deep Topaz feeling.

malachite green chairs A nisbetThe jeweltones and primary colors balance the interest in this room by Amanda Nisbet.

Graham Brown wallpaper w dining chairsAre you ready to take a seat of inspiration from these jewel-toned chairs?

Jewel toned yarnsOr weave more jewel-tones into your fall?

However you choose to use jewel-tones I hope you are feeling regal from this journey.

BTW, I know I didn’t cover Ruby Red – I want you to come back when I cover it. 

Until next time …

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