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Color Palette: The Power of Pink

Growing up I never was a big fan of the color pink and I really didn’t like those wimpy pink dresses and bows my mother made me wear at Easter.  But now I celebrate the power and grace of what pink represents during Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  My mother survived breast cancer in 1996 in large part because of early detection, good medical care and her willingness to do what was needed to save her life.  Ladies, take the time to care for yourself and check your Ta-tas monthly – it could save your life!

Pink gown with banglesPink Couture Dress & Bangles

The meaning of the color pink is compassion, nurturing and love – that makes it a highly appropriate color to use at home.  Here are some ways to go pink at home.  I hope you  enjoy the inspiration!

Red & Pink bedroom Twine InteriorsPink & Red Bedroom by Twine Interiors

Pink bathroom Felicia Neguleanu-FalaPink bathroom by Felicia Neguleanu-Fala

Pink walls otdoorsPink exterior walls to a building in Paris

Pink mood fabricPink & Black Mood Fabric

Wallpaper 78657-Elitis-Narcisse
Go bold with pink & brown

Pink & Brown Wallpaper by Elitis Narcisse