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A Floor Journey In Black & White – Bold, Beautiful and Oh So Sexy

Puppet Shoot by Agata Stoinska

Give Your Room Flavor From The Floor Up With A Black & White Floor

I never thought a floor could be considered sexy until I examined them in black and white.  The floors below make me want to take my shoes off and bare my soles to them because they’re bold, beautiful and in my opinion super sexy too!

I’ve said it before but this post makes it an undeniable fact.  It’s amazing how paint or color can transform a space.  I am so inspired by these painted floors and I hope you will love them too.    Are you ready to take a walk on the slightly wild side?

Art Deco-inspired staircase by Havana architect Rafael de Cárdenas'I’m loving this Art Deco-inspired staircase by Havana architect Rafael de Cárdenas’

I love black and white so much I chose it as the color story to showcase some of these amazing floor designs.

First, a brief history of painted floors

In the 18th century in American homes painted floors were in widespread use, especially in New England because paint was an effective sealant, it’s durable, versatile, economical, and easy to apply.  It was common to use monochromatic designs and ornate decorative painted floors with contrasting borders and stenciled motifs in homes.  Also, stripes, checkerboards, florals and geometric designs were used.  Painting the floor was the commoners choice to decorate since rugs were too expensive for most people until the later part of the 19th century.

Gracie Mansion entry painted floorGracie Mansion built in 1799 in NY has maintained it’s original painted floor in the foyer.

Greenbriar Mansion, NY by Dorothy DraperGreenbriar Mansion foyer in NY designed by the lengendary Dorothy Draper

Today, painted floors are making a comeback, in both historic and contemporary homes.  Some of the most dramatic and popular styles are still geometric, stripes and checkerboard patterns as well as tile patterns from african, asian and spanish cultures.  Painted and tile patterned floor designs add an artistic edge that makes a space unique and memorable.

Every look  is attainable with imagination, sweat equity, know how and a few dollars 🙂 for each floor showcaed below.   It’s a bold move to paint your floor but if you do when the final results are anything like these you’ll smile from ear to ear.

There are many options to achieve a stellar painted floor look.  You can create by:

  • Direct painting- using tape, free hand or stencils
  • Using tile to create a pattern
  • Using patterned tiles
  • Using the new painted engineered wood flooring
  • Creating or purchasing a floor cloth

It’s your choice and there’s a style to fit your imagination and fancy.  Honestly, these floors are so splendid they make me want to lock my front door and paint the floor.  Take a look and let me know which you’d like to have.

Mary McDonald blk & wht geometric painted dining room floorThe first time I saw a geometric painted floor in black & white and it still is as stunning as ever – Thank you Mary McDonald

Mary McDonald foyer painted floor in black and whiteThis dramatic foyer is another favorite of mine by Mary McDonald – It makes me want to dance.

When does the party start?

Thom Filicia chevron painted floorPainted Chevron Floor designed by Thom Filicia

Holiday House NYC2014 floor blk wht patternTraditional Homes Decorator’s Holiday House in NYC.

This floor makes the room beautiful without any furniture.

Royal design stencil floor paintingThis look was designed with a stencil  – You can design and paint the floor.

Another way to create a colorful floor design is to select a great tile design. 

There are a plethora of options to suit any taste or budget.

blk wht cle tile 1Nothing like classic Morroccan tiles in black and white, these 2 beauties are from Cle Tiles

blk wht cle tile2

black white diamond marble floor foyer photo by phoebe howardI’m loving this diamond marble floor foyer.

Photography by Phoebe Howard.

Living room - blk & Wht tiles Jessica Helgerson Interior DesignX marks a perfect spot with these Morroccan tiles.

Living room by Jessica Helgerson Interior Design

Ann Sack bw floor tilesNow that’s how you do geometry – Black & white all over circle patterns tiles by Ann Sack.

Bathroom chevron tile Apartment TherapyThe simplicity of pure white accents the drama of this diamond chevron patterned tile.

Bathroom featured in Apartment Therapy.

North by South Mosaic tile -  blk wht gold photo sliravaniLove the gold in this black & white mosaic tile design by North by South.

Photography by Sliravani.

Or get the painted floor look without ever opening up a paint can.

GreekKey-BlackWhite Wood Flooring-Mirth Studios

Mirth-Studios has printed hand-painted patterns onto engineered-wood tiles.

Designed by artist Sally Bennett.

Greek Key engineered flooring Mirth StudiosThey can be installed as full floors, borders, inlays in existing floors, and even kitchen backsplashes.

If painting or tile is not an option for you,

How about adding some floor drama with a painted floor cloth?

Studio K floor mat hand painted floral  Here’s an affordable option from Studio K Designs.  It’s painted on vinyl which makes it highly durable.


Checkerboard Cake sliceI hope this black and white floor journey has been as sweet for you as it’s been for me. 

Just like the butterfly make your next project a beautiful transformation.

Enjoy and Create,