Want to Create Something Beautiful – Take the Leap!


Take the Leap

Wow, this week was full of surprises and it started off with a bang.  I did something I never thought I’d do in a thousand years just because when the moment came I told myself I would.  I stood at the edge of a building 1000 feet above the ground and jumped off.  The glide on the zipline until my feet touched the ground was pretty darn cool.  I didn’t overthink it.   It was simple; I just jumped in!

What if we could approach things we want in our life this way.  Are there things important to you that you want but for some reason you never get around to them?  Is there a room you want to decorate?  A business you want to start?  Something else you’re dreaming of but it’s parked eternally on a shelf in your mind?   Stop procrastinating and just start.  tell yourself you want to do but for some reason you never start?

 Zipline jump3

When I jumped off that building I learned –  The fear of taking the leap was worse  than the leap itself.  Don’t let fear keep you from taking your leap.  Now I do believe in planning and assessing risk but sometimes we will lock ourselves into inaction trying to make things perfect before we move.


Trust yourself – Take the Leap. There’s tremendous power in taking action.

You don’t have it all figured out.  It’s amazing what you can do when you commit and take action.

Choose what you thinkThanks Aiming High for reminding me I have the power to do anything!


What do you need to take action towards?  I’d love to hear so tell me what are you going to take the leap towards?

Stay motivated!