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Industrial Style Is Creating New Urban Chic Homes

I have had this dream lately that I woke up living in my old elementary school 30 years later.  I didn’t mind because it had become a drop dead gorgeous space with high ceilings and exposed brick walls that’s now worth a fortune.  Okay, remember I said it was a dream.

Andrew Franz turned warehouse into home

Industrial loft in Paris

Actually, converting a commercial space into an edgy, industrial styled home is an emerging trend that’s creating coveted, valuable real estate in many urban centers.  The common use of the materials steel, brick, concrete and wood create an unpretentious study in contrast that’s warm, comfortable and inviting.

Creativity and vision have birthed the reinvention of warehouses, school houses, manufacturing facilities and even banks into some of the coolest contemporary homes in urban environments today.

From New York and Detroit to London and Paris, when you want to live in the heart of downtown, desire more space and are faced with limited housing options – you might want to think commercial conversion for your new home.

Did you know BeyZ (Beyonce and JayZ) live in a converted brick warehouse in NYC that’s 8000 square feet of glamed out space?

There’s so much to love about Industrial Style homes because the spaces exude personality.  Here are my top 6 Elements of Industrial Style that make you look again and again as well as fall in love.

1. Concrete Walls, Floor or Countertops

Industrial concrete wallsConcrete walls give this room an aged, sophisticated look.

industrial concrete bathroomA concrete shower in natural colors

Industrial kitchenPolished concrete floors are gorgeous!

2.  Exposed Pipes & Beams

Industrial dining room exposed pipesA splash of color on the pipes livens up this simple space.

industrial style wood beamsThe wood beams organic quality warms this space.

3.  Exposed Brick Walls

Industrial exposed brick bedroom

Industrial dining area

4.  Salvage and Functional Items Repurposed

Metal pipe bookcaseMetal Pipes and fittings with salvaged wood make a bookcase.

Industrial basinA metal washbasin transformed into a sink.

Bicycle Collection from Phillips CollectionBicycle Wall Fixture from Phillips Collection

5.  Industrial items as Furniture

Industrial metal cabinetsMetal Cabinets used as a kitchen storage cabinet

Industrial cocktail tableAn industrial lift being used as a coctail table

Industrial kitchen w metal stoolsCommerical light pendants in kitchen and Industrial springs as base for stools.

  6.  Unique Lighting from vintage and common hardware items

Industrial chandelier from washtubThese vintage metal washtubs make unique, hip chandeliers.

Chandelier from pipes and vintage bulbsA chandelier DIY from pipe fittings and vintage light bulbs.

Industrial decor - unique pendant lights Industrial cheese graters made into pendant lights.


I hope this post has made you a fan of Industrial Style in architecture, furnishings and accessories.

Tell me, which item above has  your name on it?

Until next time ….

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