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Give Your Home A Wow – Paint The Floors!


Painted diamonds photo bruce buck This Old HousBright & airy diamond patterned wood floor by This Old House

I love a home refresh that looks like a million and doesn’t cost very much.  When you want to give your home a custom look without the custom price – Paint the Floor!

Painting the floor is an inexpensive way to give almost any type of floor a new look.

With the right paint and associated products you can successfully paint wood floors, concrete floors and even vinyl floors with amazingly beautiful results.

Painted floors - Popsugarvia Popsugar

So if you have floors that needs a refresh why not paint?

Not convinced yet, Here are my Top 5 Reasons To Paint The Floor:

1.  Cost – If you have old hardwood floors you can paint a wood floor at a fraction of the cost of refinishing it or staining it.  Also, painting can give your floor a pattern much cheaper than buying a rug.

Painted floor w stencil-HouseToHomePainted floor done with a stencil via House to Home

2.  Imperfections – The beauty of paint is it’s an opaque complete coverer.  If your floors have stains, nicks or other imperfections paint easily hides the imperfections that may exist.  Just address the imperfections before you paint and you won’t remember they were ever there.

painted-stairs-Coastal LivingPainting works on the stairs too!  Looks so fresh and covers everything!

3.  Versatility – You can paint the floors to accommodate any look or style from modern to traditional or bold to monochromatic.  Painting the floor is the ultimate custom in pattern, color or size.  It can be whatever you desire.

Painted floors by Ty LarkinsPainted floor in simple stripes are elegant and dramatic by Ty Larkins

4.  Low Maintenance – Most painted floors are very easy to maintain.  Many painted floors can be cleaned with soap and water with an occasional seal or polish.

celerie-kemble-painted-floor Painted accents on wood floors by Celerie Kemble

5.  Durability – Painted floors actually get better looking with age, especially wood and concrete ones.  The patina dulls overtime and it enriches the look.  So floors just like women and wine get better with age.

Painted floor chain link - BirdsofafeatherPainted floor chain link by Birds of a Feather

Painting gives an awesome and inexpensive lift to your floors.  If you are patient and like to get dirty you can actually DIY.  Sometimes the work can be accomplished in a weekend.  Even if you pay to have it done it’s an easy on the budget item.  And I love that!

So are you ready for a Paint The Floor Refresh?

Paint Concrete Floor-thesistersophisticateblogspotThis bold pattern Wows on this painted concrete floor via Pinterest

Mary McDonald painted floor geometricVery similar to this painted floor I fell in love with years ago by Hollywood designer Mary McDonald

There are many ways to design the floor to paint it.  You can use a stencil, create a design with painters tape or if you’re an artist freestyle drawing.  As you can see by the examples above even a simple stripe can be gorgeous to paint on a floor.

Inspired to break out the paint brushes or call the painter yet?

Red floral painted floor ThisOldHousePainted floor in Red floral by This Old House

Until next time …

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