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First Impressions Matter: Including The Front Door

glass revolving door


Have you ever looked at a beautiful house and wondered what’s behind that front door?  I have, especially when the door is unusual.  The front door to your home has to be tough enough to withstand the elements and provide safety but why not make it a beautiful signature statement about something you love?

Do you have a favorite color? Why not greet people with it.  Maybe you want to take your door inspiration from another country or time period?  As long as the style fits the architectural theme of your home why not improve your curb appeal and personalize your front door?

Just like the shoes you decide to wear with a special outfit the front door you select can reveal something about your personality before visitors cross your threshold.   Often the front door is a run of the mill choice from the builder, but there are so many options available.  You live there why not make a statement that’s personal and functional.

What’s your favorite door style?  Personally, I have a preference for double doors, natural wood or a brilliant color.  Here are some stand out door options to consider the next time you need to freshen up your exterior entry.


Natural doorThese wooden double doors have an old world quality reminiscent of the apartments in Paris that often lead to a courtyard.

Pink doors w lucite handlesHow over the top is this? Lacquered pinkdoors with lacquered handles.  I’m dying to go inside.

Tangerine doors on Parker hotel palms springsIf you’re a Mid-Century Modern fan, why not choose a color from that era?


Neon pink door londonAre you bold enought for a hot pink door?

purple doorThe Color Purple has a whole new meaning at this front door.


Gold paint accent on paneled doorPainted accents in gold (or any color) make this door very elegant.  You could use this technique to any exterior or interior door you choose.  Just paint and elevate!


blue barn style door with accentsThe painted iron embelleshments and brilliant color make a huge difference on this wood barn door.  Barn doors never looked like this at any farm I’ve been too.  But what an inspiring idea if you like a rustic style – with or without the color.


faceted gray lacquered doorDon’t you just love the faceted details on these beauties?  Reminds me of the houses in London.


Is the Idea of changing the exterior door too intimidating?  Start inside by changing out another door.

Leather paneled doorsLeather and nailheads make for a very special, elegant interior set of doors.  I’d love to add these to my home.

I hope you’ll consider thinking twice about your front door.  You can start with a weekend and a can of paint before you go all the way.

Enjoy your weekend and be inspired!