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The Timeless Style Of Nina Garcia At Home

By day, Nina Garcia’s work life is full of color, trends and excitement so it’s no surprise her sanctuary exudes softness,  clean lines and the timeless style of a confident woman.  Explore with me the Manhattan home of Nina Garcia.

Fashion and style expert, Nina Garcia is most recognizable for being a judge on Project Runway.  This 25 year veteran fashion industry pro is also the Creative Director for Marie Claire magazine where she influences the fashion lives of women across the world.  When fashion is your day job, your life is filled with color as well as colorful people.  So it made me wonder what does Nina Garcia’s life look like at home.

Nina Garcia grew up in Barraquilla, Columbia with a mother who was a fashion aficionado.  She credits her parents with teaching her the importance of personal style and coveting quality.  From reading Nina’s book, The Little Black Book of Style, it’s evident she had quite an interesting childhood.  Her mother was obsessed with fashion and used it to craft the perfect image for herself.  Her father’s love for wearing white linen made her think it was the only thing a man should wear.  Nina would sometimes be taken out of school for weeks at a time to travel the world with her parents and received a first hand lesson in international fashion and culture very young.  Nina is proof our childhood experiences shape who we become in life.

When Nina turned 15 she was enrolled in an American boarding school where she was introduced to a simpler fashion style.  Simplicity is a mantra she definitely embraces to this day and especially at home.  The formula of her graceful home is clean lines, softness, texture and monochromatic color.

Nina Garcia lives in a four-bedroom apartment on Manhattan’s Upper East Side.  Her design partner for this project was cuban-born designer Carlos Aparicio whom she met shopping for midcentury modern furniture she loves. Let’s take a look at Nina’s sanctuary.

Nina-Garcia Living roomNina Garcia loves the simplicity of clean lines in furniture at home. Everything about this room is timeless.

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”  – Leonardo Da Vinci

Nina Garcia desk in homeNina’s Frank desk doubles as her dressing table.  She say’s it’s moved with her everywhere.

The mirror was once owned by Geoffrey Beene.

Nina Garcia bedrromThe tufted bed frame and linens in soft colors set upon an antique bench is perfectly calming.

Nina says she loves pattern and texture in a rug.

white on white bedroom of Nian GarciaAn elegant bathroom in white with white cararra mable floor and counter top.

stylish closet of Nina GarciaNina’s well organized closet – what else would you expect.  Nina says her love for fashion began in her mother’s closet.

Shoe storage - Nina GarciaHer closet is complete with an organized shoe storage area.

Nina Garcia's guest roomNina’s guest room is filled with her favorites including an Axel Einar Hjorth armchair (Scandanavian) and a vintage swedish rug.


Nina Garcia, celebrity homesNina Garcia of Project Runway & Marie Claire magazine is a wife and the mother of 3 children.

Nina Garcia’s mother had a tremendous influence on her love for fashion.  I feel a kinship here because the women in my family, especially my mother and sisters, helped lay the foundation for me to develop and cultivate my own personal style.  They cheered me on as I began to express my creativity and style as I imagine Nina’s mother did.

If you are a woman with children reading this never forget how much of an influence you have on those around you.  I hope you’ve enjoyed this peak into Nina Garcia’s abode.

Want to know more about Nina Garcia’s style?

Little Black Book of Style Nina Garcia Checkout her books.  My favorite is The Little Black Book of Style.

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