Antique Shopping at Atlanta’s 14th Street Antique Market

If you have a love for antiques and happen to be in Atlanta one of my favorite places to visit is Atlanta’s 14th Street Antique Market.  It’s 50,000+ square feet of exquisite fine antiques, unique period pieces and one-of-a-kind items.  For people who love antiques the 14th Street Antique Market is a well curated collection of the beautiful including furniture, lighting, jewelry, and collectibles.

14th St. Antique Market

The 14th Street Antique Market is open 7 days a week.

You don’t have to decorate in a traditional style to incorporate antiques into your decor.   An antique or vintage piece such as a mirror, chest, rug or table can compliment almost any decor style.   A major attraction to antique shopping is hunting for that perfect treasure that will add personality and interest to a room.  Other reasons people collect antiques are:

  • Decorate in a favorite style of antiques.
  • Collect antiques as a hobby.
  • Sentimental value.
  • Love to hunt and acquire to build a collection.
  • Restore and resale.
  • It’s fun.

Also, I enjoy learning the story behind treasures I find when antique shopping.  Here are some finds from my visit to the 14th Street Antique Market.


IMG_0850Louis XV French Writing Desk


The desk has a tan leather inset and gold leaf patterned decorative finishing – I can see me sitting at that desk!

Antique Mirrored Cabinet Art Deco styled antique mirrored cabinet

vintage leather handbagsA fine selection of vintage leather handbags

Vintage  and new leather handbagsVintage hide hair and leather handbags


An eclectic mix of vintage and new items can be found there


There is a wide selection of chandeliers


IMG_0859A Mid century modern chair and accessories

IMG_0867Multi-tiered Crystal chandelier with gold accents

IMG_0868Umber colored glass ball chandelier

  IMG_0857Grouping of Asian and Indian antiquities and reproductions

Blue and tan abstract paining

white and browns abstract painting

Abstract landscapeThere are many abstract artworks at Beaux Arts on the lower level.

So, if you find yourself in downtown Atlanta especially on a Sunday afternoon you just may run into me at the 14th Street Antique Market.  It’s a great way to spend a lazy Sunday.  But here’s a warning I can be a take no prisoners shopper when I have my eye on a piece.  See you there!

The Beaux Arts interior design boutique is on the lower level of the 14th Street Market.  The 14th Street Antique Market is open 7 days a week.